That all important colour scheme!

Time to hatch some plans!

This army will continue my trend of winter basing. I’ll try to add more details to them to make them more interesting without putting them on a plinth.
Lew from Warseer has an excellent Tau army with some great bases as seen here.

I’ll do my own take on them and test out Apologists version of making snow with bicarbonate of soda.
Looking forward to the bases as I think it’s very fun making nice bases!

But uniforms. I won’t have winter uniforms in my regiment. Only standard issued uniform though I think the DKoK uniforms as seen here are a bit dull.

The grey looks quite nice from FWs pics.

Btw that green looks awesome. I think I’ve found my green for my armored stuff. Digression aside…uniforms! So a Google search on WW1 uniforms gave me this excellent reference of a Wehrmacht soldier.

Wonder where they got the inspiration for DKoK in the first place 😉 This is about 90% close to what I want. Need to hit the brushes to close the gap and sort this out.

Here’s my prepped test figure.


Plastic twig, slate rock, sand, gravel and that white stuff is not the snow but to give a bit more depth to the base and snow when I apply it. Think ankle deep snow and slushy undergrowth.

I need to basecoat this one by brush as it’s -25℃ this entire week..

Any input on uniform and basing?


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