Test figure

Started painting the test figure today. I didn’t prepare more than one as I thought I had a pretty good idea on how I wanted it too look. So here’s the result. Note that the base still needs to be done and that there’s some glossy parts on it from the inks. Still to cold to spray.




Trying out a new setup for taking pics, hence the various light conditions from pic to pic.
Over to the test figure. I must say I’m so glad I challenged myself with the use of washes and inks on my Chaos Dwarfs because those skills came in handy in getting the colours to pop without being garish. That doesn’t fit DKoK imo at least. Extremely happy with the blue tinted grey uniform coupled with the warm leather.

Please do chime in and let me know what you think 🙂

Tomorrow I’ll tackle the base.


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2 thoughts on “Test figure

  1. Nice colour scheme! I’ve had so many plans to paint a death korps army but never really got there. I think yours will be awesome! Looking forward to see more!

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