Battle report: Dread mob vs Space Puppies

Pre-game stuff:
1500 points
Mission: Cloak and shadows
Primary: achieve as many tactical objectives as possible
Secondary, slay the warlord, first blood, linebreaker
Deployment: Dawn of war

He had:
Wolf guard thunderstrike
5 wolf guard
5 wolf guard terminators
Drop pod

Unbound Space Wolves
Harald Deathwolf
6 Thunderwolves
7 Grey Hunters
Land raider

I had:
Dread mob formation
– Big mek 2 mega forcefield, eavy armour, bosspole, 2 grot oilers
– Painboy w 2 grot orderlies
– Morkanaut w Kff, grot riggers
– Gorkanaut w grot riggers
– Deff dread w 4 powerklaws
– Deff dread w 4 powerklaws
– Deff dread w 2 powerklaw, 2 skorchas
– 3 killa kans w big shootas
– 3 killa kans w rokkit launchas
– 3 killa kans w grotzookas

Warlord traits:
– Orks: bs3 trait. What a joke..
– SW: saga of wolf kin

Psychic powers: nil

The game


I start.

Turn 1:
I shuffle forward with most of my stuff. I get the card saying take objective 4 lucky me it’s on my right flank so first VP to me.  I take one wound off a wolf and that’s it.

His turn, this happens.



Land raider shoots at the middle dread and misses. The wolf guard shoot but don’t inflict any damage on the kans though he scores 2 VP.

1-2 in his favour.

Turn 2
Grotzooka kans move away from the wolf guard to shot at them. Two dreads aim for the Land raider while one dread takes flank aim at the wolves. The kans on the right move forward.

In the shooting phase Grotzookas destroy the wolf guard (yay) while the Gorkanaut kill one wolf. Morkanaut wreck the drop pod.
I claim objective 4 again, cleared my zone within 12 so another there and first blood + destroyed one complete unit in shooting phase.

He move the land raider towards objective 5 and wolves towards the Gorkanaut. Shooting took 1 hp off the middle dread.


In the assault the wolves charged but the Gorkanaut did well and killed two (4w) versus 2 hp. I win combat! He takes 1 vp with the raider.

5-3 in my favor.


Turn 3
I aim for more tactical objectives. Shoota kans for objective 3, zooka kans for assisting the gorkanaut and slay the warlord.  Two dreads for wrecking a vehicle.
Nothing to shot at.

In the assault the dreads assault and explode the raider forcing the grey hunters to disembark. Zooka nauts assault the wolves. Combat goes my way and even Harald isn’t saved. Yay dread mob!



He then shots a hp off my dread and assault it but loses with two. In the other combat. Poor puppy..

9-3 in my favor

Turn 4
Two dreads assault the grey hunters and wipe them out tabling him. I take linebreaker and objective 6 this turn.

I win 11-3 🙂

Post game
First game against Hallvard and I kinda feel bad but he didn’t have the right tools against a dread mob. I’m also seeing that the dread mob is very good in tactical objectives missions. Very good. That’s it for this time 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Battle report: Dread mob vs Space Puppies

  1. RoockieBoy says:

    Well done! Why do you say dread mob is good at taking objectives? Aren’t they pretty slow?
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi and thanks for the comments 🙂

      They are indeed slow but a dread mob consists of 9 units and are quite sustainable on their own due to the AV. So you can split them up and take many objectives with smaller units than say a more traditional army 🙂

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