Iron Grenadiers. A broken knight

Besides getting seriously distracted by the lure of the possibility of entering Iron Sleets first invitational contest even though I’m not invited per see(I will enter btw). I’ve been trying to wrap my head around how I want to make my 2nd hand Imperial Knight my own.

Here’s how the knight looked at arrival.


Not to shabby tbh and I think I’ll keep hints of the old scheme underneath the winter camouflage just to hint at a glorious past.

But I still wanted to change armaments as a minimum so I pulled him partly apart.



I’ll go for the melta variant, errant I think it’s called. Anyway! You can see I’ve pulled off the hull mounted stubber, the heraldic shield and the hanging banner as well as the top armour section. Krautscientist made a version I liked a lot with an interior. I’ll use that as my main direction but with some major differences. As DKoK isn’t all that bothered by medals and other trappings of office I wanted that reflected over on a knight attached to a krieg unit over many years. So what has that to do with anything right? Well say that the knight got taken out in an engagement and the operator (what the hell is the dude inside called?) died. Say that the quartermaster did his dirty work to get the knight operational again using parts from the battlefield.

Far fetched? Indeed but that’s 40k for you 😀

Here’s what the quartermaster found.


Land raider engine and half a centaur. The engine is the simplest part to integrate.


Still just dry fitted. But what about the cockpit section and head.


I’ll integrate it more into the knight chassis so it doesn’t stick out that much. Then I’ll rebuild the front / faceplate more in line with a warhound. Otherwise it’ll look like an orky build and that’s not my intention 😉


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