Iron Grenadiers. Death riders WiP.

As I’m painting up squad 12 I needed to build something while waiting for my tanks. They’re taking forever getting here!

Luckily I have what I think a lot of people can agree on is the best DKoK miniatures – Death Riders. Now ruleswise these aren’t the bomb exactly but as my group is playing a lot of maelstrom these days I think they can earn their keep. I need to order the newest Vraks book but in the armoured list I have I can’t have a commissar on horse but I’ll use him as a ridemaster. I mean the commissar on horseback is also a fantastic miniature!

I only took one WiP assembly picture. Not that many bitz but fiddly and time consuming…this is obviously the way of resin.


Still I think it was totally worth it and I’ll work hard at including these in my lists.

Here’s the finished built and based unit.


Since they’re quite similar here’s some other angles on three riders.



And of the commissar.



He has two hand options. One holding a laspistol and the other binoculars. I went for the latter as I see my riders as scouts and not as a primary offensive unit.

Now to get squad 12 done so I can paint these!


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5 thoughts on “Iron Grenadiers. Death riders WiP.

  1. Ruins of Arotha says:

    Man they look really cool, loving the commissar. Do the metal poles come with the models? Always been a bit worried about ordering stuff like that if they’re all resin.

  2. […] are so cool that the fiddly and time consuming assembly is totally worth it! More pictures here. Now to figure out a legitimate way of including them in a list. Legitimate as in they’re not […]

  3. NoDDy says:

    How long until you finish painting these? Can’t wait to see. Thinking about replacing my Attila the Hun ones with these.

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