Iron Grenadiers. Centaur WiP

Done painting the Grenadiers for squad 12. Working on their ride now, a centaur assault carrier.

Started with the interior. Here it’s more or less done.




I then started on the exterior.

1. Drybrush dawnstone grey.


2. Drybrush ceramite white.


3. Metal parts, boltgun metal then ryza rust.


4. Hand drawn markings in red. Note that the 143rd has hand painted their vehicles white for the campaign and then had to add markings with red paint.


5. Boltgun metal dabbed on with sponge.


6. Diluted scorched brown for weathering and rust.


7. Some more washes. Brown, oxyde and black.


8. Details. Light, box, tarp.



Now it’s painting the crew and hit it all with a light dullcoat to deal with the shine from the old inks.


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One thought on “Iron Grenadiers. Centaur WiP

  1. […] the same weathering technique I’ve showed previously on my centaurs. I think it ┬áturned out great if I can say so myself […]

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