Xenos henchman. Muscle #2

Found the bitz I needed for this henchman and got to work. My comic book influence is strong in this one..


I’ve decided to call this one Mimic. Anyone see why?

He’s very rough and his proportions (I’m thinking legs for starters..) are really off and kinda goofy at the moment. Still I’m confident that I’ll be able to haul it all in but I’ve still got a lot left before I even start greenstuffing.

One feature I’m uncertain I’ll be able to do is the mohawk. I tried with the minotaur mohawk but I didn’t like it. It’ll have to wait until the rest of the build is done I think.



2 thoughts on “Xenos henchman. Muscle #2

  1. Odie says:

    Looks interesting. How about a profile shot to see what’s going on with the head?

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