Xenos henchmen. Plans for the Merciless warband.

I want to go full on weird shit with the henchmen for my Merciless warband. Here’s a collection of my ideas both for my own sake so I’ll remember and for you guys to see what’s ahead.

As I’ve already got Eldar and weird xenos covered with my WiPs here’s some more. I don’t know if I’ll do them all and I would love to hear your ideas as well.

I just have to have squats in my warband. Got some really crazy ideas here. Will involve machines and big guns.

A kroot tracker would suit well and fit a good battlefield role. I want him to be kinda cowboyish if that makes sense.

Got some old school serpent parts for chaos as well as Deschala I think she was called. Always wanted to include that model but never had any decent opportunities for it. Until now.

I have a lot of those awesome new flash gitz. One of them will be added to the warband. Though I’ll modify him heavily.

Frog like xenos race? Yes please! 😀 my warband needs something cute besides Ilieth.

The description alone is so cool I need to make one!

That’s already quite a lot and I need to give them roles in the warband that explains why Xung would want them with him.

Any ideas and suggestions from you guys?



13 thoughts on “Xenos henchmen. Plans for the Merciless warband.

  1. Odie says:

    So the Rak’gol are basically Giger-spiders. Weird.

    You need to truescale-up that ork.

    • Yeah and with bionics. Sweet!

      Yeah he’s going to be a true brute. Actually I think Xung will end up being the only normal sized one in the warband. Oh and Ilieth of course.

  2. Stannley says:

    My thoughts:
    Demiurg – Jokaero
    Kroot – Acolyte with appropriate equipment.

    You could make the Ork either:
    A cybork, in which case he could be a gun servitor (because hes a flash git) an Acolyte with carapace (‘eavy) armour and a hotshot lasgun, Or;
    Give him a crude combat shield and a choppa to be a Crusader or an Acolyte with ‘eavy armour, storm shield and power axe upgrades.
    Any of those options would be cool.

    The Rak’gol sound a lot like the Megarachnids. Cool conversion options. Maybe make them arcoflaggelants? Low armour but lots of attacks.

    The others I don’t know, but maybe the SSlyth could take the place of a ministorum priest?

    • Thank you for that thorough rundown. Hadn’t thought of it rule terms but it’s great knowing that I can still run it as count-as. Having the option of playing with my Merciless warband is of course a huge bonus but not a deciding factor for my modelling choices 🙂

      • Stannley says:

        No probs 🙂

        I kind of have all of that info in the forefront of my mind because I am currently painting Inquisitor Thule and his henchmen for my campaign. I have gone the more traditional route so far because of time restraints (we made the rule that we can only play with painted miniatures) and the fact that I already have the models.

        I do have an idea in my mind to convert up a retinue consisting of Krieg Grenadiers as acolytes. I like the idea of three Grenadiers with storm shields and either a power axe or a power fists. Power axes would mean they could be crusaders and therefore a lot cheaper to field, although they wouldn’t have carapace armour then.

        My other thought is how cool a pair of Grenadiers would look hanging out the side doors of a Valkerie while they man the heavy bolters 🙂

      • Will you be posting about it on your blog? Campaign and retinue.

        Yeah I really think the same in regards to using Grenadiers in that way. I still have a ton of DKoK left and a more traditional inquisitor – a Flash to my Merciless is in order. Then again I’d really love doing a radical heretic inquisitor also.

        So with so many ideas on the go. What are the normal sized warband?

      • Stannley says:

        Oops – time constraints, not restraints lol

  3. Stannley says:

    Hmmn, couldn’t reply directly…

    Anyhoo, yep I’ll be posting more about our models soon. My wife and I did a large photo session on Sunday (which is where the logo for the campaign came from), but I forgot to take photos of whats on my painting table lol. We did take plenty of individual photos of completed models / units tho, and I did remember to take photos of my wifes wip models (just not mine).

    Would you name your Flash, Gordon? 🙂

    The Inquisition codex allows 1-2 Inquisitors and 0-3 bands of henchmen. Each band can be 3 to 12 models of one of something like 10 different types.

    • Great, I’ll keep an eye on it as I need to motivate some more guys from my club into joining the INQ28 train. Btw, wife involved in hobby. Jealous! 🙂

      Not sure if I’ll do it so blatant with a Flash but I need a counter to Merciless. He’s a more villainous type.

      • Stannley says:

        Lol I got her into the hobby when I first met her by buying her a Hive Tyrant. It wasn’t a massive challenge tho – she is as big a geek as I am and was fully into craft. I also got the kids into it. Two of the players in the campaign are my twin 19yo’s and both have at least 3 armies each. Now I am getting my 13yo girl into Orks 🙂

        I really like the FW Inquisitors but I saw someone online who converted a pre heresy FW terminator into an Inquisitor and he looked awesome. Maybe Flash could be along similar lines!

      • Good call mate 🙂 my sons are younger but are gradually getting into it. Really fun bringing a new generation in.

        Yeah I think it needs to be something like that. Grand and noble.

  4. Stannley says:

    Yeah I got them into it in the hope that it would encourage reading and math, but I end up doing all the reading and the math 😦 Oh well… Maybe there’s hope for the girl lol

    Good luck in your endeavours (kids and Inquisitors) lol.

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