The Merciless is now a small warband.


…who are these…those dregs..!?

My Lord..I believe they call themselves the Merciless…

Where is the Holy Inquisition when you need it!

..they are The Inquisition my Lord..



I hope it shows that I’m having a good time with these 🙂

Still to come
Besides the krootox rider. The xenos pig, an ork, squats and I do believe I need a psyker. Any ideas on a psyker for this lot?



6 thoughts on “The Merciless is now a small warband.

  1. Stannley says:

    Be always thought ethereals should be psychers. His about an ethereal that got kicked out of his caste because he is a psycher?

  2. An unsanctioned witch, daemon-vulnerable, aping the Eldar psykers without real understanding?

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