Xenos henchmen. The remaining four.

The Merciless project is going into its (so far) final phase and I’ve got a pretty good idea on how this will end up.

I’m just going straight for it, here goes.

Kroot tracker


I haven’t done anything new on this one yet but for coherence he’s in on this update. I do have a better visual idea on what he’ll look like. Little less cowboy and more cybered up with imperial bionics to aid him with his tracking.

Ork Flash git


I tried for a long time to truescale an ork but in the end I dropped that approach. I went for a very plain version of a miniature (flash git) that I really love. I think they’re some of the best plastic infantry I’ve seen. I’m biased of course, but who’s not for something they feel for. The heavy bolter is an ancient one I’ve had for a couple of decades I reckon. It’s a CSM if I’m not badly mistaken.
I often have my moniker represented in miniature form. So that’s a hint for my visual idea on this one.

Zoat battle psyker


Jeff Vader and euansmith commented on Ammobunker that the psyker for the Merciless should be a Zoat. When I googled zoat and this came up..


..I was sold.
It will be hellacious working with that base model in metal but in the end it will be worth it. Instead of a feeble outcast and/or enslaved psyker which is a typical representation in INQ28 – my psyker will be an ancient and mighty remnant of the zoat race.

Note that it’s plural and no picture. This will be the grand finale of the Merciless.

So thoughts/ideas and/or comments? 🙂



2 thoughts on “Xenos henchmen. The remaining four.

  1. Squats! Squats! Squats ! We want squats ! I love squats !!! My idea for a zoat is to use the dragon ogre as a base. Plastic and a scale that can be combine with a lot of other ogre, ogryns parts. Way easier than metal I think.

    • Haha, who doesn’t love squats 😀 then you’ll like what I have in store, it will be (hopefully) very cool.
      Yes that way would probably be the easiest but I kinda like working with metal and I really like the old shaggoth. I’ll probably regret it halfway when my pliers are broken and my hands hurt and all of my drill bits are busted. But no pain – no gain 😉

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