Traveller #4


For I am the way
Your painful exclusion
From past morals
Your future’s contractual designer



The traveller and guide are in fact another old rejected project of mine. Originally they started as a Tzeentch Herald on a disc for a Chaos Daemons army. This must be like 3-5 years ago. Since then I’ve now made some changes – and change is the way.

He’s a potpourri of parts:
– Head is from the savage orc boar boyz sprues
– upper body is the chaos sorcerer on the manticore
– lower body is flagellant
– feet are necron warrior
– cloak from the mortarch sprues

His overall design is heavily inspired from the drawings in Liber Chaotica, volume IV, Tzeentch. His travels are also very inspired from the same writings. I’ll get back to this more in the future.


Guide also has a surprising amount of parts:
– oop snotling body
– head is a mask from the defiler or daemon prince. Can’t remember exactly which one
– tongue from chaos spawn sprues
– arms from oop horrors of tzeentch

Guide is just there. Always pointing the way and sheds light on the path with his other hand. An annoying companion that does not speak nor react to traveller – yet traveller is terrified of losing him as they flit through time and space.

Not so many parts. Just a chopped up oop Dark Eldar raider/ravager.

In ancient times, a race we do not know or remember still used to send their dead in small rocket barges – like sailors in the beginning of Mans time. Guide directed traveller in finding it and it has speed up their journey or at least traveller’s perception of speed.




4 thoughts on “Traveller #4

  1. jimmygrill1 says:

    Very cool.

    To me, the model not only says GW, it also has a distinctive Old-School-Sci-Fi vibe, Rogue Trader era style. I really like that.

  2. Stannley says:

    I really like this guy. He’s my fave so far.

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