He had run for two straight days but still that massively obese brute was still on his trail..he would not be able to run away from it..he knew that now..

This was was a ton of fun to paint like I hoped for! He has a lot of detail that catches paint really well.


If I’m ever trying nurgle again this will be a feature skin tone!


The next horrorstalker will demand a lot of work too but I’m not rushing 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Horrorstalker

  1. You’re really busting these guys out aren’t you!

    Again that skin and the rawness of the suture wounds around the implants and that chaos symbol on his back/shoulders looks great.

    I can just imagine him stalking me down and the swoosh as he swings his meat cleavers – great stuff.

    • Aye I’m definitely on a roll!

      Cheers, I must admit I’m almost childishly proud of this one as he came out so much better than I could’ve hoped for 🙂

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