The march of the Skitarii


No one knows the true martial strength of the Cult..

More boots on the ground! I like these kitbashes as they give them a bit more feral look but not fantasy-ish.

I have some great ideas for the rangers so stay tuned for that!


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4 thoughts on “The march of the Skitarii

  1. The human element added by the Marauder heads instantly stands them apart from their faceless miniature origins. I think they lose a bit of what makes them ‘Skitarii’ and puts them more into the Tech-Guard/Enhanced Cultist state.

    Either way – its a good change, and better than maintaining the norm, particularly with the direction you’ve taken the whole force.

    • Cheers mate – and thanks for that analysis 🙂 yeah I want them to both be recognizable as skitarii but be something more than that also. They are cultists with light modifications so score there 🙂

  2. Ruins of Arotha says:

    Nice models man, looking forward to seeing them all painted etc

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