Onager Stalkertank


My love of this kit has not lessened with building my first Onager!

Man this was a great model and I had a lot of fun building it. I tried to incorporate small details here and there to chaos-ify it.


Like spikes and broken studs instead of handrails.


A possessed engine spirit.


Flying a banner to show it’s allegiance.


The base turned out pretty much like I wanted it. My red soil is littered with broken masonry and ruins.

Happy I have two of these! I think this one got a bump in paint priority.



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6 thoughts on “Onager Stalkertank

  1. Ross says:

    Ace work brother! I love the new admech stuff and you’re doing great work!

  2. FrothingMuppet says:

    Looks great – perfect for wandering over a ruined cityscape.

    Personally I like that big boxy missile turret it comes with, but this variant looks so much sleeker and dangerous because of it.

    • Indeed, it looks pretty scary! I worked a lot with the stance. Now it’s a lot more bunched up and ready to spring into action compared to the more normal widespread stance.

  3. François Ridel says:

    One more time a beautiful realization! I am in a hurry to see it painted.
    I do not still have to realize of conversion with this kit, but I think that I am going to take some pleasure with.

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