Not all beings must be tricked or forced into service..some come willingly as they have been cast away from your society..
Heretek from the Cult of the Red Crown

The Skulkers are my count-as skitarii rangers. I’m trying to get as much mileage I can from one skitarii box! Btw they look so much like the Jawa it’s unnerving – lol


I’ve made them from skaven warriors and skitarii arms and heads. Wanted them to look like dregs basically – outcast willingly coming into service and doing the Cults dirty work. I imagine my more warriorlike tech-heretics (vanguard) does not think highly of the skulkers.

For those owning a box of skitarii know that there’s only one of each special weapon. I wanted more arc rifles so I made my own version as the thing that sets the arc rifle away from a plasma caliver / gun is the hose to a backpack.


So not entirely similar but good enough for me! The arms and plasma guns comes from my DKoK – only using flamers and meltaguns in that army anyway.


These took a lot longer and are more involved than you’d first think from the end result. One thing is the fact I had to shorten the barrels on all weapons by quite a lot since the base model is so hunched and small.


That’s quite a lot isn’t? Anyhow, off to basecoat with the Skulkers!

In other news. Yesterday I got a really good trade that gave me just the parts I needed to get started on my Onagers – so stay tuned for that!


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2 thoughts on “Skulkers

  1. Adam Wier says:

    Awesome looking squad of Rangers! The Skaven bodies work surprisingly well. The hooded Skitarii heads are right at home on the Skaven bodies. Good work shortening the rifles too (I think they are are too big even for the stock Skitarii Rangers…).

    They do look pretty similar to Jawas… He he

    • Cheers Adam 🙂 I really think they nailed the scale of the skitarii spot on when it comes to integrating them with other kits. The options are basically only limited to what you want to invest in a unit I think. As for the rifles. They’re ridiculously long aren’t they? Taa baa 😉

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