First Stalkertank finished


This is probably the standout model imo from the Skitarii release. I had a ton of fun painting it!

I regret not doing this one before the skitarii cause I obviously need to go back and redo the armour on them to get them in line with the stalkertank.


A bit of flash but I really nailed the weathering I feel.


The heat effect on the muzzle is now a staple detail of mine. Love it!


The daemon within.

Happy I’ve already built the second one – pics of that one soon 😀


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20 thoughts on “First Stalkertank finished

  1. Odie says:

    Great work. Color scheme and weathering are fantastic.

  2. Wudugast says:

    Nice work – the weathering is spot on (and I’m a sucker for grubby yellow paint-schemes). Nice subtle conversion work as well – enough to show they’ve been tampering with heretical technologies without overwhelming all the things that make the mechanicum models cool to begin with.
    Are you thinking of adding any Cult Mechanicus models to your Skitarri?

  3. FrothingMuppet says:

    That yellow and weathering…Fantastico!

  4. François Ridel says:

    Beautiful painting i likes particularly the metallic color the rust and the oxidation. Frankly everything is good. You used which paint for all which is metallic?
    I like highly-rated used of the metal I do not like the conveyed which go out of the factory !
    In when the next one ?

  5. Laertes says:

    Your yellow tone is simply amazing! Good work

  6. Stunty says:

    Great looking mini, really like the pose, and the yellow is quite interesting. really liking the base colour also, any chance of a tutorial?
    keep up the good work 🙂

  7. Joe B. says:

    Amazing look both with the yellow and the weathering. What GW yellows did you use? The banner on top is a nice touch

  8. greggles says:

    Loving this! Really great work!

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  11. […] the new Stalkertank and I have a fondness for traitor guard, so I love bigbossredskullz’ take on it. Not only is the weathering well done, but the little chaos bits are spot […]

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