Age of Sigmar. Complex simplicity.


Is Age of Sigmar “that stupidly simplified”? I actually disagree.

While reading the latest post on LD10 and chatting a bit with Payce on messenger it really struck me how similar AoS is to Blood Bowl.

Why’s that you might think..

..well besides loving BB, especially in league play as your team and the rules themselves are easy to learn but as the game and team evolves with new skills. Both actual skills in-game but also your own at wielding the team.

I think this is the same kind of “complex simplicity” we now see in AoS. Pick a force, start playing at a warband size. Learn the game, learn your warband and as new releases come with new warscrolls and formations you have an endless stream of new variables that makes the “simple” game very enjoyable.

This type of approach to a game really appeals to me but there’s one factor I love even more with BB.

One tiny but oh so important factor..

Due to the small amount of miniatures in a team I can scratch every itch I have regarding the races I want to play and themes I want to build and paint. Does AoS bring the same possibilities? Hell yeah it does! This means I can finally scratch a few of those hobby itches I haven’t had the money or especially time and storage space for. Skaven I’m looking at you 😀



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4 thoughts on “Age of Sigmar. Complex simplicity.

  1. Payce says:

    As you pointed out in your battle report earlier this week, the key word is synergy. Power units aren’t really a thing anymore since everything can be taken out by everything, I think as the game sets, we will see board control and dominance, as well as special rules juggling, being the major tactical factors while we await the new warscrolls and units that will inevitably come. I can’t wait to see the new Aelf book, myself.

  2. Jake says:

    Interesting that you mentioned bloodbowl, I can’t help but think that the Khorne force in the starter set would make a great chaos team without much work

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