Beluga 61. A terrain project


Behold my mighty pile of plastic crack! It’s time for some proper 40k terrain 🙂

Beluga 61
Is the backdrop to our 40k games in an on/off campaign we play. My terrain will be situated in the northern part as it fits with my Frontline Alpine mat and the basing on my DKoK and Orks.

Rough plan
I’ll work through the buildings first, kitbashing and just getting stuff sorted. I want big buildings and wrecked vehicles and debris. Perfect hunting grounds for my Cult and especially my Horsemen 🙂

I won’t debase things, I think. I want the conflict zone appearing fairly fresh as that will open up for colours and I want my terrain to look good!

Next up
Will be the Shrine of the Aquila. Very cool building!


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9 thoughts on “Beluga 61. A terrain project

  1. I found with games workshop terrain, a glue gun really speeds up the assembly process and holds extremely well. If you want to make the terrain go further then you can use foamcore to make wall sections together with the GW stuff, some examples on my blog of buildings I have done this with. Look forward to the results.

    • I use a really nice plastic cement glue that works great. Been using it for years and I feel I have good control of the process.
      I’ve got a halfway decent plan on how to do it and I’ll say as much. Huge.

      I’ll check your blog, thanks for the tip 🙂

  2. Stannley says:

    I was in my flgs the other day looking at terrain kits from all sorts of people, including GW. I have often thought that it would be cool to have some wrecked vehicles for terrain but always thought that was a lot of money to spend on a model and then trash it, just for terrain, but then while I was standing and looking at the various kits, came to the realisation that there is really no difference in price. In fact some vehicles are a lot cheaper than the terrain kits! Rhinos are half the price of some kits! Then I realised something else – if you buy a Landraider and use it for terrain, you will use it far more in your games than buying one for your army. Having had all those epiphanies I left the shop without making any purchases at all lol

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