Info-Executioner #3 Henchmen


This warband is so fun I’m just enjoying myself building these weird characters πŸ™‚

Proper mix of characters today. Metal is fun to work with but my drill and pliers are hurting!



Base model is an old Eldar miniature. Harness is from Fabius while the arm is from the Dominus priest. Head is from Skitarii Rangers.

Skitarii heavy gunner


This one is based on Tycho with head and weapon bitz from the Breacher box and arm from the Onager sprues. Still needs a bit tidying up but he’s a fun character that I think I pulled off.

Skitarii Crusader


Based on an oop Eldar again with skitarii bitz and some other bits I can’t remember where I have them from. Being out on a mission and being of a practical mind I don’t see Shizmu equipping his retinue with things that won’t operate far from civilization or at least from support.


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6 thoughts on “Info-Executioner #3 Henchmen

  1. Tony of Nurgle says:

    Looking good! Metal is so tough to work with!

  2. Wudugast says:

    Wow, its been a long time since I tried to convert anything in metal. Brings back memories of being a teenager, crudely hacking models to bits with unsuitable tools. These conversions are of a distinctly better quality (that’s what a combination of experience and proper materials will do!)
    Really liking these guys, especially the heavy gunner. Keep β€˜em coming!

  3. greggles says:

    Great conversions as always!

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