The Road to NM 2016 #4 – My list and thoughts on the comp


Like my blog colleague Payce on LD10 I’ve done some tinkering on my list but I still think you’ll find some fundamental differences on our approach for the tournament.

Let me say in advance that this isn’t meant as a slight on Christopher but more as an observation on the difference in our preparation for the same event. I can already admit I believe I have poor odds compared to him 😉

The comp
The rules for the tournament I’ve already posted up here but basically it’s objective driven and the same scenario in all 5 games.

You can pretty much design the army you want more or less but getting the objectives wins the game and as far as my experience from 40k has taught me is that keeping you focus on the objectives and not just killing your opponent is what wins you games.

The most “controversial” rule is no summoning. Especially for undead armies but at least I don’t have to paint a buckeload of miniatures to summon!

So what does this mean for my list?
3 points – Tomb king i chariot
3 points – Tomb herald
3 points – Casket of souls. 
2 points – skeleton archers. 
6 points – 2*3 chariot units. 
4 points – 10 horse archers. 
4 points – 5 carrions. 
3 points – bone giant
2 points – necrotect
30 points in total

Note I’ve made one change. The horse archers are one not two units. This is due to a lack of banners.

I decided on Khemri quite early despite it meaning a ton of work as I bought it second hand. The reason for my choice is the amount of chariots, cavalry and carrions I got. It meant I could achieve speed and since they have that nifty rule of regenerating miniatures each turn by having a banner I achieve sustainability.

The obvious risk is getting tarpitted but I hope I can remedy that by clever use of the Casket and my hard hitting units.

So how will I actually win games, especially if I meet something like Christopher’s list?

I’m not sure tbh as I’m very uncertain on how it will perform and if it’ll actually work as I have envisioned. I do think I’m on to something but I won’t know for certain until I’ve playtested my army in this comp. But point for point I’m basically shit out of luck. He’s also got a much stronger theme than I have so I really need to pull something clever out of the hat!

I will get to test my list and the scenario tomorrow so I’ll have a much better understanding then 🙂 I’m hoping I’ll get ar least a couple of games in but time (or rather tomorrow) will tell 🙂


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7 thoughts on “The Road to NM 2016 #4 – My list and thoughts on the comp

    • Grimnaud says:

      Some thoughts on the tactics; Remember that it’s all about the scenario! Your carrion is a great unit, since the soar above rule means that you can’t be tabled. Be vary about bringing them down too soon. According to our discussion on Warseer, the archers are out. That means that you will only have two units able to claim objectives if you field the chariot as two seperate units, so I would combine them. Use the speed of the chariots and horse archers to claim two objectives ASAP. Set ut the herald so that both units are within his bubble and cacle manically that what is dead can never die 🙂 Once you’re sure that you won’t get tabled, bring the carrion down to claim/ contest another objective.
      I suggested swithching the necrotect for a liche priest and the tomb king in chariot for a royal warsphinx. Here’s why, the lichepriest will benefit from the synergy with the casket, give you another ranged attack, and another unbinding attempt. The TK chariot is a beast, but he can’t be healed. Once he’s gone, he’s gone, and he can’t claim an objective, so he’s only there to kill. The warsphinx can be healed d3 wounds for the cost of a spell, and also halves the amount of wounds it recieves. It is hard as nails. Which is good, because the TK in either a chariot or on a warsphinx are your havoc makers, and as your general he’s worth two points, so he will be targeted. Use them to kill, tie up, and reduse enemy units below five models.
      So the general strategy is to claim two objectives in the first round, and hold them through the rest of the game. If it works, that will give you 12 out of the possible 40 points. Try to sneak a point or two with the carrion at the end of the game as well. The rest is about denying your opponent as many points as possible. The key is that you need a UNIT, a single unit, of at least five models to claim an objective. Shoot, magic and charge units until they are below five models, then move on to the next one. The games will probably get pretty close, but a win should be achievable.

      • Wow first thanks for that long and insightful post. This is really helpful 🙂

        I’ll continue to work on seeing if I can find something to use as a warsphinx because the sustainability is definitely key here.
        Chariots is also a good idea I hadn’t thought about yet. I also found them very good in combat when it came to how I could dominate the flow by leaving my opponent high and dry when I removed my dead and then reanimated them in another location. Having a large base size sure helps!
        One thing that struck me after my last game is the horse archers. My gut feeling is saying split them. This would give me yet another unit able to take objectives. Thoughts on that?

  1. Grimnaud says:

    I would keep them as one unit to increase their survivability. Wiping out twenty wounds in a single phase is much more difficult than ten, even for the big hitters you are sure to see at a tournament. Plus, just two wounds lost to shooting or magic loses you an objective point for that turn if you have units of five. Even if you get the model back in your hero phase, the point is still lost.

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