..of Matters Arcane and Magic #1


Funny how inspiration works sometimes 🙂 Especially as it’s too cold to basecoat!

I originally thought of making a cultist champion for the “Ready your Retinue 2016” in the INQ28 forum over on Ammobunker. The theme for January was “First among equals”. As I wanted to make something chaos and tzeentch being my favorite deity in the pantheon albeit one I’ve never mastered in miniature form I cracked up my trusty Liber Chaotica: Tzeentch book and landed on this picture as a reference.


It just looked like a martial champion of tzeentch in my opinion. As the sketch is just a reference I took some liberties in some details.



So about why it’s funny where inspiration takes you. I started out making something for INQ but ended up with something for my Realm of Chaos/Age of Sigmar goal. A warband much like this one.


My warband won’t be so retro in palette nor builds but there’s some great references here that I will use 🙂 Basically I will make a:
– Leader
– 5-10 warriors
– 2+ monsters/ big guys

My champion will lead the warriors. Is the plan. Per now 😉


Btw, would someone care to make a guess at where the parts are from?


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21 thoughts on “..of Matters Arcane and Magic #1

  1. Remnante says:

    I’ve got no idea what parts went into this (besides the legs)… But that head is absolutely wonderful! What is it from?

  2. Wudugast says:

    Ha! Working out where the parts are from is the first thing I do when I look at any conversion. It’s a compulsion (obviously heavily influenced by my own need to convert everything). However I have to admit you’re really taxing me with this one. Let us keep guessing but do put up a parts list at some point please or this one is going to drive me mad!

    Let’s see how wildly wrong I am:

    Legs – stormcast eternals.

    Feathers at the waist – a tzeentchian bit of some kind. Herald? New Gaunt
    Summoner? I’ve seen it somewhere, can’t think where at the moment.

    Torso – heavily rebuilt so I’m not too sure. Somebody buff and topless but not crazily over-muscled so I’m thinking not the blood-reavers.

    Horns/spikes on the back – minotaur? Love the modifications to make them fit onto the head by the way.

    Arm (our right) – spawn.

    Arm (our left) – chaos marauder/marauder horsemen? Trying to remember if they have any doubled bladed axes? Have you modified it with the second blade?

    The head – is driving me mental! There’s something about it reminded me of an old ork skull trophy but enfleshed. I’m also wondering about the
    Goblins from the Hobbit? Or a non-GW part?

    On the model itself – it’s spot on mate! Every bit of it works together smoothly and cohesively. Really looking forward to seeing your chaos warband – especially if you’re going to be producing things of this quality!

    • Thank you 😀
      From top to bottom:
      – minotaur horns
      – head is from stormvermin holding two decapitated heads
      – torso is the Nightbringer but buffed with more gs
      – axe arm from chaos marauders
      – mutated arm from chaos spawn
      – lower body Stormcast
      – a lot of greenstuff and plasticard for teeth

      I also see I forgot a few parts.
      – bone extrusions on the back are from a nurgle lord
      – feathers from the Gaunt summoner. Great spot btw!

      • It’s worth noting on the head that I trimmed away the facial hair and cut the jaw away. I then greenstuffed the extended jaw and more prominent and hollow eyebrows.

  3. Liam says:

    That is a beautiful bits box dive mate. What a cracking good conversion. I reckon that must be up there as one of your best I’ve seen to date. That head is something else.

  4. That head is f-ing brilliant!

  5. Odie says:

    Nicely done. One of your best.

  6. François Ridel says:

    Oh sh..!! I fuc…’ love your figurine, it carries in her the violence of chaos!!!

  7. Migs says:

    I think your best model to date. Gorgeous work!! Can’t wait to see how this develops.

  8. […] Anyone up for some parts identifying? More pics here. […]

  9. Adam Wier says:

    Damn! That is one fine conversion! You have captured that essence of that sketch from Liber Chaotica: Tzeentch perfectly. Very impressive. The greenstuff work is really well done and integrate all of the components seamlessly. The little mouth on his stomach is wonderful, all those tiny teeth! The model is really well balanced too, the battle axe is sized just right for the model. Great use of those Age of Sigmar legs too!

    I can’t wait to see how you paint him. He I think is one of my favorite of your conversions. 🙂

    • Thank you Adam! I thought you might like the weapon as it’s proportions are pretty spot on with the miniature. When you think of the fact that he’s easily twice the size of a marauder where the axe comes from its almost fun.

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