The Road to NM2016 #8 – Battle report!


I’m not going but I helped out Oyvind that is with a trial run against his (literally) monstrous chaos list 🙂

Here’s the comp pack for those who hasn’t seen it.

I used my original list of Tomb Kings.


10 archers not in the box but in the list. Oyvind plays Chaos and as you can see it’s a proper lineup of various cheese 😉

Turn 1


I started. Casket reduces Scyla with 3 wounds.
Carrions, archers on foot and horse archers take 1 objective each. Chariots, giant and king move just a tad forward as I’m out of charge range anyway.


Oyvind is more offensive though..Hellcannon misses the king, grinder killed 1 carrion. Glottkin then charge the chariots and Scyla charge the giant. Oyvind start with Scyla taking 3 wounds off the giant but the giant killed him in return (first blood!). Glottkin killed 3 chariots (15 wounds..) and take 4 in return.

T: 3 points
O: 1 point (reavers hold 1)

Turn 2
I started again!
I gained 2 chariots from the icons. Other than that I did not do much except the horse archers taking 4 more wounds off Glottkin before I charged the grinder with the carrions, and 1 chaos warrior unit each for the giant and king. Giant killed 1 warrior, grinder killed 3 carrion but take 2 wounds from the last bird. King is ineffective against those annoying shields defending them from his potent attacks. Giant take a wound in return.
Oyvinds turn. Warlord called in 5 knights..


The knights are PiP still

Mutalith then inflicted 6 mortal wounds on the king – ouch.. hellcannon then take 2 wounds on the casket.
Knights charge archers, 10 chaos warriors charge the chariots and warshrine charge the giant.
Mutalith killed the king – the mutalith is a nasty piece of work and only take 1 wound in return! Giant then move 3″ to avoid the shrine and killed 3 chaos warriors. Archers killed 1 knight but they are killed in return. Luckily the knights are reduced to 4 models and can’t hold the objective.

T: 5 points
O: 3 points

Turn 3
I get to start first again. Gain 2 chariots back from icons. Casket wounds a chaos warrior unit and the mutalith. Horse archers and chariots shoot at Glottkin reducing him to 8 wounds. In combat Glottkin is reduced another 4 wounds but they killed another chariot. Mutalith killed the giant. Necrotect is in combat range of the 4 knights – he takes 1 wound off the knights but 3 in return.

Guess what Oyvinds warlord managed.. 😉
He then advanced in against my dwindling force.

Glottkin healed 1 wound, mutalith healed all wounds..
Hellcannon reduced the casket to 2 wounds. The 10 chaos warriors charge the chariots again. Glottkin strike first and I wound deduct again so I avoid the chaos warriors.

T: 6 points
O: 5 points

Turn 4
I start yet again. This is honestly what keeps me in the fight as my icons are saving me. Gain 2 chariots from the icons.
I don’t have a lot to do but my shooting and combat reduced Glottkin to 1 wound(!) they killed only 1 chariot in return. Knights killed the necrotect and the mutalith killed 2 horse archers.

Oyvind gain more knights and aim for another objective. Mutalith killed another 2 archers. Grinder miss on his shooting against the horse archers, hellcannon did not miss and killed the casket. Knights and chaos warriors charge the horse archers, the mutalith charge the herald. Horse archers killed 2 chaos warriors, herald take 1 wound from the knights and 2 from the mutalith. Glottkin is yet again reduced to 1 wound from the chariots.

T: 7 points
O: 9 points

In reality I’ve lost but now it’s more how bad I’ll lose. I hope I’m not tabled..

Turn 5
Oyvind called in more knights..Glottkin healed 3 wounds..and arcane bolt killed 1 chariot…


Screw points, go for the kill!

Hellcannon miss, grinder killed 4 archers in the shooting phase.
Knights charge chariots, grinder doesn’t reach combat. Knights killed the chariots, herald survive with 1 wound.

I gained 3 horse archers. I take 3 wounds in shooting and 2 in combat on the chaos warriors.

T: 8 points
O: 14 points

Turn 6
I begin and gain a few horses. Nothing much happens beyond shuffling out of damage’s way..
In Oyvinds turn the warlord called in 5 more knights..

Everyone charge the horse archers. Mutalith killed 2, I move away from the biggest threats and then the archers killed 1 warrior who killed 1 in return. Knights reduced my last miniature with 1 wound – I SURVIVE! 😀 ..

T: 8 points
O: 18 points

At least he didn’t get a “Glorious victory” by tabling me 😉

Post-game thoughts
Well in some ways that went better than I thought and if I hadn’t spread out as much and made a few better choices like using the king with the chariots I think the outcome could have been a bit different. I also should’ve dealt with the mutalith and his warlord earlier.

Anyway, my list was as I originally expected not the best and this game proved that. Would be fun playing this game again but then with my Chaos Dwarfs who are a lot more dangerous in the shooting phase.

Until next time..


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2 thoughts on “The Road to NM2016 #8 – Battle report!

  1. Ruins of Arotha says:

    That was a great read 🙂

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