..of Matters Arcane and Magic #2


With the overwhelmingly positive feedback on the chaos champion I’m almost stressed at following it up but here’s an early WiP of the Tzeentch Sorcerer Lord 🙂

I’ve got quite a few members on the go but as I’ve set the bar high for myself I’m not settling for “ok”.

Though before I could continue I bought and downloaded Path to Glory so I could do this properly. I decided to go full dice randomness except on the retinue the chaos champion will be part of (which is 5 chosen btw).

Here’s the results;

First I decided on tzeentch (obviously) and to follow that column on the various tables. The first was naming my Lord. After rolling 3*d66 I ended up with Hurvald Windblade. Pretty awesome and very fitting for my planned build!

Next I rolled for how many retinues that would follow the Windblade. Here I rolled a measly 4 retinues which is the lowest number..hopefully this will sort itself out in type of retinues! As I already had one slot filled with the Chosen I opted to roll on the Monstrous followers table first. Here I actually got a 1 and could decide between 3 dragon ogres, 3 chaos ogres or 3 chaos trolls – I decided on 3 dragon ogres 😀

With such a great roll I wanted some quantity in and rolled on the Brayherd follower table getting a 5. This was a choice between 10 bestigors or a chariot so I went for the bestigors. Happy with that roll I opted for some more heavy hitters and rolled on the Warherd follower table. This time I rolled a 6 and got a Doombull! 

So summed up this is my warband:
Tzeentch Sorcerer Lord
5 Chosen
10 Bestigors
3 Dragon Ogres
1 Doombull

Not bad and should provide plenty of fun possibilities for the modelling and painting 🙂

Now back to the Windblade. Again using the Liber Chaotica I found this picture.


Maybe underwhelming but this is the early period, he’s only a fledgling Lord after all 😉


As you can see it’s still a ton of work but I’ve got a great core build here in my opinion.


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5 thoughts on “..of Matters Arcane and Magic #2

  1. Adam Wier says:

    Great start to Hurvald Windblade! I love the sketch you are basing him off of. I think I would make the beak of the model longer and much thinner like the picture. That would give the model a much more eerie and sinister vibe. You could also consider making his arms a little longer and unnatural looking. Your choice of sword is top notch and really gives him an old world feel.

    Great to hear there is going to be a doombull in your little force. 🙂

    I can’t wait to see more!

    • Thank you Adam 🙂 I just fell in love with that sketch years ago and it’s been something I’ve tried to replicate numerous times. The last time with Traveller https://bigbossredskullz.wordpress.com/category/traveller/

      I agree on the beak but I’ll start on the hood first so the proportions are under control. Good idea about the arms and it could be something I transfer over to the daemon prince version.
      Oh you’ll love my plan for the doombull. It’ll literally be a mountain of muscle and violence.

  2. Odie says:

    Nice work. I agree with Adam in making the beak longer, but looking at the sketch, I would go a step further and actually raise the head and bulk out the neck as it rises from shoulders to beak. The head is already a little on the small side, and could benefit from some padding and unnatural physiology.

    Where did that torso come from – was the face already a part of it?

    • Cheers 🙂 I’ve taken your ideas and Adam’s and left it to dry now after some extensive pinning. I think those suggestions did the trick!
      The main body is the Gaunt Summoner, the new tzeentch sorcerer on disc for the Everchosen in AoS.

  3. […] warband and then roll on various tables to see who and how many will follow you. Here’s my results. I’m rather excited truth be told More pics of Windblade […]

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