Nestorian Infestation #5


As I paint the third member I’m having second thoughts on the armament of these two..

The left one is the Dark Angels Watch sergeant and the one on the right is the Vlka Fenryka marine.

Thing is, I quite like the all bolters approach as it as Space Marines as it gets in my book but I can’t shake some ideas on specialists.

1) That I need an apotechary
I guess that the best guys to explore some viral spoor that affects biologically would be apothecaries. So I’m seriously considering making the sergeant into one. He’d still lead the squad.

2) That the Vlka Fenryka member only needs knifes.
His role is more the tracker and silent killer in the front. So I’m basically thinking of dropping firearms on him.

Thoughts & opinions?


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2 thoughts on “Nestorian Infestation #5

  1. Jordan Lee says:

    I would agree with your changes! It would definitely suit the setting thematically and would look incredibly bad ass. Go for it!

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