Nestorian Infestation #10


Inquisitor Berrugoete and retinue comes into play!

I’ve been pretty set that I’ll do the loyalists first and the Deathwatch team obviously needs an inquisitor to boss them around. Originally I didn’t want such a big retinue but once I started inspiration got the best of me.

So to recap a bit. Me and WilhelMiniatures are doing a project together with a Deathwatch vs Genestealer cult as the basis. We’ll each make a Deathwatch team and a Genestealer cult and then alternate while playing. However as we both wanted to add inquisitors into the mix we decided that the main antagonist would be Nestorian, a former Ordo Xenos inquisitor while on the other hand is Berrugoete his brother. Also an Ordo Xenos inquisitor but one still loyal…or is it that simple? Remember the writings of Nestorian.

Nestorianism is a doctrine that emphasizes the disunion between the human and divine and seek to join and enhance the human by joining the hive mind and thus become divine. 
– from the Teachings of Nestorian, former Ordo Xenos Inquisitor

So in Nestorian’s mind he’s still just doing his holy duty!

Okay now before I start on my inquisitor here’s the last member of the Deathwatch, a Blood Angels apotechary.


He’s next up in the painting que and I’ll give him due props when done.


Inquisitor Berrugoete of the Ordo Xenos
Specialist in biochemical xenos agents spread through air.

Large part of body is mechanical due to the environment he normally operates in. This is also reflected in almost all of his henchmen.

Notable features are the mechandrites and the beak which are able to filter and recognize airborne xenos agents.


At first glance Leper Hansen looks like the victim in one of the conflict zones Berrugoete works in and truth be told. It was in one of the worst ones Berrugoete found Leper. Totally immune to almost any virulent toxin Leper Hansen now enjoys being the right hand man of Berrugoete. Immensely strong and with dead nerves in his body making him almost imperious to pain. Leper Hansen is not to be underestimated..


Modo-Q211 is a specially fitted servitor who collects and harness the various agents for later studies.




In addition Berrugoete employs a range of various henchmen for the more mundane assignments. They are highly expendable even though they are highly trained and ferocious killers with some if the best tech available.

So quite a lot of progress and quite a lot to paint it seems!

I’m still uncertain on colours for the INQ and retinue. Any ideas?


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8 thoughts on “Nestorian Infestation #10

  1. Excellent mate. I really like them. They’ll be fun to field.

  2. Alex says:

    Shaping up really nicely dude, love the direction this is going, and can’t wait to see some paint go on! How about purple???

  3. Marcus says:

    Oo yeah! Berrugoete looks like a million bucks! So cool!
    The gribbly henchemen are aces too ofcourse. Really looking forward to seeing these guys painted

  4. ejhenries says:

    Really sweet retinue, just ace.

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