Nestorian Infestation #14


I felt the retinue lacked something but luckily this mutant retrofitted into an Arco-flagellant fills that void!


Well you didn’t think I’d call it “inquisitor week” with a model per day without delivering did you 🙂

Here’s the WiPs.




Another good miniature for contrast and another close combat oriented character which I felt I needed.




Being a mutant is normally a sin of death no matter how good your intentions are..

This Father Brokoff, a pious priest got to know the hard way as a missionary in the aftermath of the worst conflict zones..the constant radiation broke through his..”shield of faith”..resulting in horrifying mutations..

Berrugoete found a man no longer able to he gave him the mask and an opportunity..

Now Brokoff masqeruades as an Arco-flagellant wielding a vicious three-handed eviscerator..

Some form of service is better than none..

There you have him, from start to finish! Hope you like him 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Nestorian Infestation #14

  1. Hell Yeah!! I thought yesterday’s model was my fave until I saw this mutant masterpiece. Love it.

  2. Alex says:

    Nice one BB – this dude is awesome! I really like that collar idea mate, that really is spot on. Bravo!

  3. Mutant looks awesome, nice job on the conversion and cool paint job!

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