Nestorian Infestation #13


Day 3 and we’re off to a flaming start! Bad pun intended 😉


It’s probably apparent by now but I really like the Tempestus Scions kit! Old news for most of you I guess but it’s chock-full of great bits 🙂 Another range of kits I totally love is the admech range. It’s fantastic imo! Hopefully the Genestealer cult will be expanded though as they’re growing very fast on me.




Former guardsmen Verona was grievously injured and discarded by the militarum..

Berrugoete found a use for him though..refitting him with augmentics he’s now the weapon specialist in the retinue..

Day 3 over and done with and tomorrow I have something entirely new to show you (like literally) 😉


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6 thoughts on “Nestorian Infestation #13

  1. Alex says:

    Another belter… love it mate 🙂

  2. Wudugast says:

    The best so far! These really capture how the Guard should look in my opinion, keep ‘em coming!

  3. I agree with Wudugast. Best so far. He looks positively twisted. Great work.

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