Nestorian Infestation #18


Here’s the third and last installment for my Ordo Xenos / Deathwatch part for the Nestorian Infestation setting.

Note, that it’s the last part of the “good guys”. I’ll be switching over to the Genestealer cult next!

Part 1 are the truescale Deathwatch marines and part 2 is Berrugoete with retinue for those who haven’t followed the series.

Okay so I’ve had that Valkyrie lying around for a while but I’ve always intended to use it for an INQ28 project instead of the typical big fat henchman with heavy weapon. In addition after completing the retinue it left me wanting to do a bit more for Berrugoete. So after mocking up a shuttle I thought it would be cool with a pilot and a droid. Starting on those I missed a step with the droid making it way to big. Voila, Berrugoete just hired a tech priest! Going back I found some suitable bitz and created a smaller service droid as well.


Service droid, pilot and tech-priest

Adding these characters really opened a few doors. One thing is cool scenarios including them but I also got to explore more types than I already did with the retinue.

Killigrew, the pilot


Note the =I= pendant. She must hold a special position with Berrugoete.

The only female in the employ of Berrugoete though only her braid and lithe almost boyish form reveal this. Armed with a nimble las pistol it’s probably apparent that the Wier brothers and their down scaling of ott weapons have gotten to me.


Wearing survival kit like the others..


One arm augmented for better handling of the more tactical vessels.

Service droid VB-09


Assistant to Killigrew and handling everything from service on the shuttle to manning the heavy stubber.


Due to the hazardous areas Berrugoete operates in even the droid has emergency equipment.


Purity seals both purifying yid machine spirit but also declaring who the droid serves..

Tech-priest, the old man


The second longest serving member of Berrugoete’s retinue.


Highly possessive of his normal quarters aboard the main ship one can wonder what has brought him out and even down on surface level.


Little flesh remains..

Modified =I= shuttle


Berrugoete do not need to flaunt his position but some markings even he can’t avoid.


Simple armament but lethally effective.


Powerful engines and not standard for a small shuttle like this.


Eye slits to reveal outside threats before disembarking.


Highly effective model with many entry points.

So a rather big post but I felt these miniatures deserved it 🙂


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9 thoughts on “Nestorian Infestation #18

  1. Eric M Wier says:

    The constant stream of imaginative and well crafted models you create is astounding. This group is wonderful, and addressing the need for every Inquisitor to have a personal craft to fly them around in. The switching of the cockpit to the dunecrawler was a stellar idea, really changing the feeling of the craft. The pilot is really nice too, subtle and understated, as I like models (good choice with the laspistol). The droid and tech-priest are pretty rad too. An eclectic mix of interesting bits and concepts.

    • Thank you Eric 🙂 my blogging isn’t “live” so to speak, I learned from Larry when I started on BoLS to always have a few in the tank and I’ve taken that principle over to my own blog as well.

      Cool as I actually thought of you guys as she came together 🙂

  2. Alex says:

    What a curious bunch of individuals! This is such a cool idea dude, the pilot is the stand-out mini for me at the moment (though I reserve the right to change my mind when the paint goes on!), oh, and I love the shuttle… Great stuff 🙂

  3. Migs says:

    Tommy these are superb! I love the charismatically odd flyer and the new additions to the band really stretch out the imagery very nicely. Can’t wait to see this lot painted.

    • Thank you Migs 🙂 I’ve put in the hours with these as I wanted to get the right feeling from them and the flyer was also a good handful but I felt Berrugoete deserved it.

  4. Marcus says:

    Such cool imaginative creations! Bravo!
    The tech-priest is my absolute favourite, I imagine him (the few times he leaves his quarters) being carried around like this:

  5. […] as we close in on the second game, Berrugoete needed his shuttle done and as it has been ready for ages and ages it was great getting the job […]

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