Illuminating the Abyss #21

I see you..

I’m going to Oslo next week and will meet up with Wilhelminiatures so I had to get my cult finished. You can guess why yourself 😉

We hardly have any daylight now but I’ll take some more scenic pics with them all later this week.

Other than that I’ve taken most of the elements on this Hurvald from regular Thousand Sons and given it my treatment. All in all it’s not half bad but what are your thoughts?


PS! Unicron cometh soon..

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8 thoughts on “Illuminating the Abyss #21

  1. Eli Parsons says:

    As always I am a fan of your paint job, I think the eyes turned out really well. Look forward to seeing pictures of this game.

  2. Fantastic. I love his eyes. Nice paintwork man.

  3. Alex says:

    Yeah, really nice mate – grim, impressionistic, quite an old school vibe about this guy! He looks like he’s straight out of RoC 🙂

  4. Gregory Wier says:

    Really nice model you have hear. A prime example of how the Stormcast models can make convincing Space marines (with more sensible anatomy than the regular marine models). Nice work with the beaten look on his armour. He has certainly seen his fair share of combat! The multiple eyed face is superb, as well.

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