The Unicron #1


I’ll make no lie, I do enjoy building large monstrous creatures for some reason..

This project will also bridge my tzeentch work and bring some massive muscle to the fray.

It’s supposed to be a chaosified 8 legged Aether unicorn. 8 legs has a dual symbolism with the chaos star and with Sleipner the horse of Odin.

See the similarity better now?

I can freely admit it all looks a bit crap at the moment but I hope you’ll be patient with me as it will get better when I crack out the greenstuff.

I’m not entirely sure on what fiend I’ll use as rulebase yet.

Any suggestions?


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12 thoughts on “The Unicron #1

  1. Jesus mate your output is very impressive! Do you work, have kids, study or do anything else? Hehe. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining im loving it. But jealous though haha. I squeeze in a couple of hours here and there at best.

  2. Alex says:

    Wow! Oh man, this is looking crazy-good already. Seriously, it’s a giant evil robot-daemon space unicorn… what’s not to love here?

  3. heresyofus says:

    That’s a cool idea! It has great movement already. I can imagine some sort of putrid steam pouring out of the joints as it charges towards the enemy. Looking forward to the end result. 🙂

  4. Eli Parsons says:

    I dig it, I love seeing others work’s in progress. Awaiting the unifying greenstuff work eagerly 😉

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