Battle report: Isolate and Exterminate

Had the possibility of a second game against Wilhelminiatures so I obviously got around preparing a new scenario!

Inquisitor Hannibal Rex was furious. Not on the cult leader and heretic Hurvald but on his own failure..

So when the Acolytes started their withdrawal after the succesfull Illumination ritual, he immediately contacted more of his forces to hunt them down and take them out no matter the cost.

The Acolytes however tries to draw Rex away from Hurvald who is making his escape and live to tell the tale to him..

Pre-game factors

We use the Age of Munda rules.

This time we played at Games Workshop Oslo on their Zone Mortalis board. Great shop and even better service!

The objectives for the =I= are:

As the pursuing force must either kill or stop all Acolytes from coming off the table.

The objective for the Acolytes are:

As the withdrawing force need to get a minimum of one but preferably more cultists off the table through one of three doors.

Isolate and Exterminate

Zhrakk, the symbiote of brains and brawns had been delegated with authority and a mission from their Lord. The others looked to him now as their leader in luring the Inquisitor away from the All-seeing.

Though the mission would look like suicide for one of the followers of the Corpse Emperor the Acolytes where certain they would succeed.

Cautiously advancing they quickly realised the the Inquisitor and his men where upon them.

From all sides..

Zhrakk ordered the group to divide in two smaller groups and bull their way through.

Recklessly throwing himself at superior numbers Zhrakk was forced to follow and support Loth even though the brains new this was overcommitting but the brawns relished the release.

Kithel in the other group had already reached the door but Gorth had stayed put the dumb beast. Most likely as he wanted to fire his grenade launcher into something. Ab cursed at him and prepared for the worst.

Even though the Acolytes drew first blood Loth realised his was most likely next as he faced off against a noble with a massive sword that promised of pain.

Ab and Kithel alone in the kill box tries to get the door open with bullets whizzing around them.

Pain. Though Kithel felt nothing as he fled. The pain was for Ab and they all knew it..

Gorth the dimwitted abhuman finally reacted and smashed into the Corpse Emperors followers seeing Ab cut down. The Elektro-flagellants got so stressed that one of them exploded as it couldn’t control the fluctuating power coursing through its body.

Loth, bloodied and turning desperate was finally supported by the hulking and acting leader of the Acolytes though it was too little to late.

Inquisitor Rex now joined the fray. Content in sweeping up the wounded Acolytes he came in making a show of killing them off.

Circling in the injured Zhrakk and keeping at a distance from the terrible hammer he made short work of him leaving the Acolytes leaderless.

Drok and Kithel try to get around the INQ forces that have almost completely encircled them.

Kithel didn’t run fast enough this time and Rex kills him from behind.

Drok, the only Acolyte alive runs into the darkness.

Surrounded on all sides Drok stops and looks up seemingly listening to something. Turning towards the pursuing INQ force he brays in what can only be a last challenge..

..but it’s not as he lets himself fall backwards and down into a maintenance shaft that will surely kill him..

..and it does.


Foiled or..?

Well it basically doesn’t matter as we had a great time but technically it’s 1:1 for those counting 🙂

Another thing that yet again proved to be very important was the GM possibility in the Pre phase. Here we adjusted and discussed things to keep the game flowing and the story unfolding. It’s simply put my most clever idea in this even though I can hardly take credit for it 🙂 Other than that I couldn’t be more happy with the Age of Munda rules!

One thing is certain. I’m gonna recruit some locsl INQ28 players now!


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12 thoughts on “Battle report: Isolate and Exterminate

  1. Alex says:

    Looks ace mate – I’d love to have a game on a zone mortalis board… really does these excellent warbands justice!

  2. Eli Parsons says:

    Really enjoyed these two battle reports! Your Age of Munda system seems to work quite well. The desire to have fun and tell a story more than win a game definitely helps the lack of formal rules. That and the players of course, well done gents.

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  5. euansmith says:

    Can you give some more detail about what you do in your GM turns?

    The game looks fun and the minis look fabulous.

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