2016. A Bigboss year in review.

It’s that time again and it feels like it was just yesterday I wrote the 2015 review 😅

It’s customary for a blogger to do this and while I hate bragging about myself I do find these types of posts very fun to read from others so here’s mine. I’ll try not to blow too much hot air up my own backside 😆

My 2016 kicked off with Path to Glory and my tzeentch warband in the ..of Matters Arcane and Magic series.

Dechrar the Warbringer


Dechrar kicked it all into gear and was the mould for my tzeentch projects but what really got it fleshed out was the creation of Hurvald, my main tzeentchian antagonist.

And he’s far from done let me tell you that..

The Avis Maleficus

Dl’avru’h the daemonhost

U’hr and V’ld the tzeentch familiars


Ehm, yeah..I guess you get the gist behind those names with that little hint 🙂

The initial Path to Glory warband

The year then trudged on with a lot of PtG but when I realized that the blogger Wilhelminiatures was norwegian I quickly eyed a hope of trying to get some proper INQ28 gaming going. Luckily Helge agreed and we created Nestorian Infestation, a Genestealer cult vs Ordo Xenos setting together.

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Berrugoete with henchmen

Truescale Deathwatch marines


Stay tuned for my guys cleansing the filthy (but awesome looking) Genestealer cult that Helge made in january!

Then came the release of Warhammer Quest Silver Tower and I immediately jumped in as WHQ was the gateway that brought me into the hobby back in the early nineties!

Hurvald as the Gaunt Summoner

My Darkoath Chieftain


Brilliant game also and we’re approx halfway through 🙂

The Chieftain faces overwhelming odds


I then got hold of a fantastic NIB Epic 40k army of orks notching one of the biggest bucket list items in my hobby career.


One of the detatchments in the Waaagh!!!


Mekboy Gargant

I have a lot more including two Mega-gargants but I’ll try to get the starting army painted first.

Though that was just a little distraction as this year was all about Change and the Illuminating the Abyss project was not to be denied.

Two of my very favourite miniatures of the year


One of the most popular miniatures I made


Going to Oslo for a course I got to play a couple of games against Helge spurring me into making the Age of Munda guidelines for playing INQ28 type of games.

The selection I used against Helge in game 2


It was great getting to play with them, especially on Helge’s own terrain.

Look at that dystopic briliance


I had hardly landed back home before Helge pitched an idea to me, Mikkel and Rebecca about doing a 4-way chaos warband thing. That led to Vortapt IV and me getting the random pick of khorne.

The little warband



Well yeah it feels quite on track so far 🙂

Hobbywise I must say that Instagram has been a big highlight this year and a lot of fun both for putting out my own stuff and for seeing a new world of hobby content. Can’t recommend it enough!

Well that was my year and I’d like to wrap it up by giving my gratitude to you the readers that has followed me through this – so a big thank you all 😀

As far as predictions for 2017 go I will settle for not really saying anything. All my regular readers knows by now that my plans are hardly worth hoping for. Whatever comes, comes ✌🏻️


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15 thoughts on “2016. A Bigboss year in review.

  1. Alex says:

    Wraps up the year nicely mate – bonkers stuff, I love your work muchly 🙂

  2. Wudugast says:

    What an insanely creative and impressive year mate! Roll on 2017 and whatever turns out to be up your sleeve 🙂

  3. Adam D Wier says:

    Impressive year of hobbying! Your creativity and ferocious work pace is an inspiration! Inpu of the Rubric is one of my favorites. 🙂

    I love what you are doing with your Blood Pact. I look forward to see where they go and what other projects the coming year brings!

    Keep up the great work!

    • Thank you Adam! I feel I’m slowing down each year but I do still put in the hours so I guess it equals out in the end 😅
      Well I think I have some aces up my sleeve for next year so stay tuned 🙂

  4. Gregory Wier says:

    With all of those great models built and painted, it is hard to imagine “slow” being used at all! But even still, you have refined and improved your craft. And somehow, it seems like you are never lacking in neat ideas. Here’s to looking forward to another year of your creations.

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  6. Thomas says:

    A couple of weeks after everyone else but I must say – What a year! Awesome stuff.

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