In the pipeline

Been a week since my last blog post so I felt the need to show everyone I’m still here and planning my next few projects!

I’ve been working non-stop the last 3 weeks including weekends so I’m very glad I managed to squeese in the time and energy for a couple of games against Helge from WilhelminiaturesΒ with my Acolytes

In addition seeing my Age of Munda rule guidelines take on a life of it’s own november has been highlight reel as far as I’m concerned!

But what’s next right πŸ˜†

Starting with the first pic;

  • Lucky dice. After playing BB I’ve learned the hard way that playing your respect to Nuffle is very important so these are for my tzeentch stuff as I only have red and white dice. These blue ones also has a very nice blue sheen which kinda looks like my blue armour so that’s very cool.
  • WHQ hero cards. You know by now that I love that game so these are mainly for when I have people over. Much cooler with cards than the app even if the app in itself is great.
  • Gorechosen. This mini game will get some special treatment and I’ll bring it up to the 40k verse and 3D it is my initial thoughts. Note this one will crossover into another project but more on that later πŸ˜‰

Is that all I hear you say?! Well I said it first so no matter! Lets talk about a few if those things I expect several of my readers would think I’d invest in.

Blood Bowl

I’ve professed my love for the game several times snd I stand by it but I won’t buy in bow except for the Deathzone book. I have everything I need beyond that but I might revisit some if my teams and bring them up to par but it’s not high on the list.

Thousand Sons

Let me start by saying I’m very impressed with the coming TS releases but I’m not investing here neither beyond the codex. I have more marines than I’d ever want and I’ve ordered more greenstuff so I’m cool!

But what are you actually investing in?!

Beyond the scheduled Nestorian Infestation game in january we actually have set the frames for a new project and I think you all will approve when we reveal the details πŸ™‚

Now to start working on something!


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2 thoughts on “In the pipeline

  1. Eli Parsons says:

    Really excited to see what you do with Groechosen as I had similar plans as well!

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