Vortapt IV. Aftermath


Wow that really was something else! I hope that the batrep series managed to convey the very close nature of the games and how fun they where. It really was a blast and in my mind it could hardly have gone better – and I`m not talking about winning it with my Blood Pact. That  was fun but only a sidenote to the fact that the campaign itself with such great company was amazing! Key though is actually playing with nice people, and Rebecca and Helge are the best! We all have a similar view on what`s important for us and that really made the entire weekend fantastic.

You can now download the revised campaign, updated warband roster & character scrolls template and Age of Munda version 2 here.

The rules worked out great. Yes they need a few tweaks and adjustements. But the core rules are right where they need to be. The balance and power levels between the warbands also where really good. Everyone gave as good as they took, and that tells me that we are where we need to be with the character scroll system. Did we need to GM stuff as we went along? Definitely. We adjusted character scrolls that where slightly under- /or overpowered. We adjusted the goals of some of the scenarios and how to score patron points. All just small stuff but it made everything flow better and those changes are now part of the package.

The important factor is the character developement. Hormidac taking control over the Blood Pact, Uldun turning four times into a bloodwolf. The Crimson Queen and her fragile body being taken down countless times, the virulent Black Pox afflicting its own every turn. The giant slave servitor and the terifying Oratio in general. The absent slaanesh cult. All these elements will definitely impact the second part of Vortapt.

As many have asked about it, here`s the rules for Black Pox


And the Oratio

Oh and the terrain. The pics tell the tale and let me assure you. It was that good and more! Doubtlessly the best terrain in the entire hall.

To end this series I have uploaded a ton of pics that I couldn`t fit directly in any of the batreps but that where so good they needed to be here. So do enjoy those as a great ending to this event 🙂

For me, I`ll take an INQ28 sabbatical to cleanse my palate and yours as everyone is probably tired of my spam. I`ll focus on BB in the coming weeks though I do have some early ideas for another INQ related project. I also need to prepare the Nestorian Infestation campaign properly. Time will tell!


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8 thoughts on “Vortapt IV. Aftermath

  1. owlshield says:

    i love everything you are doing here, the terrain, the warbands, everything!

    its amazing and inspiring to see such creativity on all fronts. thanks so much!

  2. akshobby says:

    Really enjoyed reading these, thanks!

  3. euansmith says:

    This series has been totally excellent. Thank you very much for sharing it, and for you and your friends for making such excellent models and terrain. Thanks also for putting the work in to creating Age of Munda.

  4. castigatoruk says:

    Such an inspiring campaign! Evocative terrain with deliciously sinister warbands have all helped to create a wonderful story that has been a joy to read.
    Thank you for sharing.

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