Vortapt IV. Spoils of War


The Blood Pact had won…drunk on their own superiority…they had taken Vortapt for their own..however the daemoncore had not come to the surface yet…only Hormidac the goremage seemed to understand something was amiss..

New champions in old warbands..usurpers..seeking to snub the Blood Pact of their victory..however their clumsy efforts at sneaking around the Blood Pact are immediately discovered..realizing that they are about to be encircled the Butcher orders a full spread to get as many as possible out before it is too late..Weir the sniper, the hounds and Alfa are ordered to stall them..


One of the hounds engage and lock several pestigors in combat so others can make a break for it..


Uldun nearly makes it but then the minotaur is sent through a rent in reality and brutally stops him..this was also one of the secret missions of the Black Pox..


The blue skinned sorcerer also walks through a rent in reality to engage the Blood Pact immediately in their own stronghold..


Roua is surrounded by pestigors but they are taken out by their own virulent diseases…


The commanders of the Blood Pact make a common front and escape together..


The new champion of the Black Pox challenge the butcher…


The Butcher responds in kind and kill the champion..gaining a patron point as a favour from the gods..


One of the hunting hounds and Uldun are taken out..still one of the Blood Pact are perilously close to making the escape..


The Alfa absolutely brutalizes the giant and sends it fleeing..however the Alfa is not done and wants to fell the giant beast..



Yet again thundering against the giant, he strikes it in the back and kill the beast..releasing it from this harsh world…a hunting hound is sent in to deal with the Krek as well..


Roua is full on surrounded but seems content to dish it out under overwhelming odds..


Another sacrifical pawn to let his leaders escape…the Oratio easily cuts him down..


So close…yet oh so far away…the Black Pox makes short work of him..shutting off another avenue of escape..


Seemingly the battle was lost for the Blood Pact…yes the Butcher made his kill…Alfa was locked in combat with the Oratio…Roua revelled in the midst of Black Pox mayhem, even taking it too them…Weir was smashed down by the blue skinned sorcerer… but then at the final moment the Blood Pact received a boon from the gods and Hormidac, the goremage fought himself free to make the escape securing it for the Blood Pact..


Final standings:

Blood Pact 15 patron points

Black Pox 12 patron points

The Oratio 11 patron points

blood pact ending.jpg

Text written by Alexander Winberg

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10 thoughts on “Vortapt IV. Spoils of War

  1. Adam Wier says:

    Fantastic end to the Vortapt event! The changing scenarios in each game really worked out nicely.

    I must admit I was rooting for a Blood Pact victory! And the written finally by Alex is just perfect. Blood for the blood god!

    Do you plan on continuing to work on the Blood Pact force anymore? Hopefully at the very least you can eventually play a few games with your Bovem-tank!

    • Thank you Adam and I couldn’t agree more! That it was so open all the way to the end was very fitting and made it a nailbiter all the way through.
      Alexander has written several pieces for the Vortapt campaign and you can read that document under the Age of Munda folder at the top of my blog menu line.
      I will finish the bovem- and stalkertank. I’m also tempted to make a divine version of Hormidac, a bloodwolf version of Uldun and a mindless berserker without arms to represent the failure of the Butcher.

      The true strength of my Blood Pact is versatility. I can easily play them from Necromunda all the way to AoM. So I dont think this will be the last of them to put it like that 🙂

  2. euansmith says:

    Go! Go! Blood Pact! The finale was suitable METAL; turned all the way up to 11.

  3. Alex says:

    Cracking campaign mate – really enjoyed reading about it, and especially enjoyed all the lovely pics! Bravo 🙂

  4. Eric M Wier says:

    This was an awesome ride, following the story throughout all of the battle reports. Alex did a remarkable job with the conclusion, really fitting the tone of the games, and the grim uncaring nature of the galaxy. It was fun to read about all the different warbands, Alex has a remarkable touch for tapping into the weird, mysterious aspects of 40k, while fitting with the models as well!

    I hope to see more in the future, from you and everyone else involved!

    • Thank you Eric! It was a fitting way of presenting it because the weekend we played was hectic and I had scrambled notes and 200+ pics to go by. So taking one each day was good for digestion so to speak 😅
      Alex was a gem helping us out and tying everything together. Check out tomorrow ad I put out everything I have, from start to finish 😉

  5. […] would have been fun to field my Bovem tank in the Vortapt IV campaign but it worked out great nonetheless […]

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