Ratpack #4

Rat King and Outrider!

Double update today as I managed to get these two ready for paint.

The Outrider

Rat king

Not really a concern but as of now the others are packing way more firepower than me. I think magic will be my counter. Ideas there?

Also. There will be changes to the paint scheme. Including the one already finished!


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13 thoughts on “Ratpack #4

  1. templeofthutmos says:

    Loving these guys! To your question, I definitely think some kind of shamanistic magic would make a cool and interesting counter to the other Tor Meggido warbands.

    What kind of fluff do you have for these guys? Some other ideas that could give them more punch: use of some big piece of recovered archeotech or military hardware, maybe some blessing from chaos or old science or some sacrifice that makes them tougher to kill or immune to pain? Maybe they summon swarms of mutant or zombie rats? Or can mind-control others to join their cause? Just some shoot-from-the-hip thoughts. Great work on these!

    • Cheers mate!
      I see them as a more native type. Kinda like native indians and Fremen if you know of Dune. I feel strongly for the shamanistic approach and totem animals/beings. I have a great idea for a massive living totem but it would be cool with some smaller animals. I have loads of lizardmen parts and that fits nicely with the setting I’d think.

      • templeofthutmos says:

        Very cool. Excited to keep seeing where this project goes!

  2. templeofthutmos says:

    And I just noticed the skill and scope on the outrider’s bow – what a cool touch!

  3. Alex says:

    Very cool mate – shamanistic magic will suit them perfectly I think! Can’t wait to see tge revised scheme 🙂

  4. Adam Wier says:

    Damn, these two models look wonderful!

    The Outrider is my favorite. You have merged so many disparate kits so well! I love what you did with the hand releasing the bow string. You really have a knack at delivering natural/believable looking poses. Great use of the Skitarii legs too. 🙂

    The winds of magic!

    • Thank you Adam! My big struggle with my gang is that it doesn’t really warrant vehicles nor cannons & guns. So I need to go extra creative just to create a legitimate threat in the Tor Megiddo-verse. Not a bad thing really as I want to push myself 🙂

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