Foul Play #4

Another WiP BB team..!

I’ve struggled a lot with what team I’d like to play next and it has resulted in a lot of wip teams that has literally stranded.

Now however I’ve decided to run a pure dwarfs list as they hit hard, take a punch and I got hold of some sweet 2nd ed miniatures I could corrupt.

The team is called the Lion Cubs..because they have a Lion theme going…and being small of stature…cheap puns but it is BB afterall! 😉

Let’s look closer on the positionals.

Blockers. Center model is the team captain.

Blockers. Obviously need the kick skill early 😅

Runners. On a Dwarf team. C’mon, that’s just the best joke ever 😂

Blitzers. Note how I use the pads to differentiate between the different types.

Slayers. Really pleased with these two! They will probably die early 🙄

Deathroller. Just a small kitbash but it works.

Note the corny Lion head and the little goblin underneath. It is all in the details.

My next consideration is adding a star player or two. I have a couple of ideas and I will need inducements as I start a rookie team in a experienced league.

Finally, what colours?! I will run with winter bases so probably not white uniforms.

Kinda like the yellow but red and orange is quite striking too.



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9 thoughts on “Foul Play #4

  1. Alex says:

    Nice! Some great conversion work there mate – how about using a tawny colour to really push the lion thing?

  2. suncar says:

    Beautiful! Where do you find these Lion shoulder pads?

  3. […] you remember I had listed three different schemes I was considering. This is a variant of the yellow one and I […]

  4. […] have taken me ages, or rather the star players and deathroller has. I totally re-did the deathroller for example. Happy I did as this makes more sense […]

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