Ratpack #5

Wasn’t entirely happy with the test model so re-did parts to crank up contrasts.

What you also can see is that I went for a more native american type of skin which suits a lot better than my typical pale sickly skin.

This is a lot more representative of how I view my little tribe of wasteland dwelling ratskins. I do think I need to add something in the form of warpaint or tats beyond the one on the chin.

What’s your thoughts?


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10 thoughts on “Ratpack #5

  1. Alex says:

    Superb mate – and yes please to more warpaint!

  2. templeofthutmos says:

    While I definitely liked the grubbier look of the original paint job, I like that the new paint scheme makes the details on the model pop out more clearly. Excited to see the war paint added and the rest of the crew painted up! Great stuff!

    • Cheers mate! Yeah grubby is all fine and dandy but I want to see all of the hard work I’ve put into my miniatures and that’s quickly lost if it is too mucky.

  3. Taoist-Water says:

    Both look great and the second would really pop with warpaint/tatts. However I preferred the skin tone on the original. Still all really nice painting!.

    • Cheers! Yeah the first type of skin has become a speciality of mine but it didn’t fit too well with how I see my ratskins. It was also great trying some new stuff 😊

  4. ejhenries says:

    Well, pretty bloody cool. I think I prefer the remastered ratskin, the contrast of the skin helps to make the model pop. I definitely would like to see warpaint scattered throughout the gang, whether it’s tribal or symbolic I think it fits the feral nature of the them.

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