Sideshow Extravaganza #7

Heralding the arrival of the troupe..

The Jester lures the crowd in..

With a booming voice..

Yet no mouth nor vocal chords to utter them..

I long thought him too boring but painted he looks the part!

Sadly I can’t make the trip over to Helsinki for the event due to family stuff but I will finish the gang and send at least one of these as an NPC.


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8 thoughts on “Sideshow Extravaganza #7

  1. That’s a shame you can’t get there man. The group/troupe looks awesome. One of your best

  2. Alex says:

    Loving the Jester mate – again with the awesome flames, but that milky blue gem on his chest is bloody brilliant! What’s the recipe?

  3. […] pics.I am considering making a “how to paint flames” tutorial if there’s any […]

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