Amid the Murk #8

It doesn’t sting but it sure sucks..!

Apologies in advance for the pics as they are barely passable. Daylight is getting scarcer by the day so taking good pics aint that easy atm.

Now I spent a lot of time on the wings on this model.

I’ll see if I can snap some better pics when I take a group pic down the road.


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4 thoughts on “Amid the Murk #8

  1. Wudugast says:

    Very nice once again – love the colours on the wings particularly. You have my sympathies re the lack of daylight, I’m in the same situation myself and it’s still over a month before things even start to improve, let alone reach a light level that can be worked with. Still, at least at this time of year I’m more likely to stay inside and paint!

    • Cheers! Yeah thatโ€™s true, I hope for a few WHQ snd Shadespire games through the darkest period. Plus it should provide plenty inspiration for twisted stuff โœŒ๐Ÿป

  2. Alex says:

    Woah, that is nasty… Love it mate!

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