Shadespire #2

First warband complete!

It was really nice working with Greenskins again. They have that perfect blend of steampunk / brutality and being indirectly comical. Not in a silly way, just funny. It has actually led me back to an idea I’ve harboured for INQ28 for a long time but one that I’ve pushed back as I thought it wouldnt fit. Well I’m prone to change that now…or, we’ll see πŸ˜‰

Okay so back to Shadespire! Picdump with comments;

Gurzag Ironskull aka Red Skullz

Tried my best to imitate the artwork and I think I succeeded quite well. Obviously it is not an exact replication but close enough.

Bonekutta aka Bonekrusha

I adore tthis one. That giant sledgehammer is sinply too cool!



These two are your typical bread and butter grunts. Lovely though as boyz are what Greenskins are all about!

The next warband I’ll tackle will be Stormcast I think. I have some ideas..but this won’t be first in line though. I have too many projects on the go as is.


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21 thoughts on “Shadespire #2

  1. the28scribe says:

    Wow, great work, I realy love the painting on them. They fit perfectly whit the grim dark!

  2. warbosskurgan says:

    Oh. My. Gork.
    So grim and gritty! I totally love ’em!

  3. Alex says:

    Bang-tidy mate, great looking mob, and Red Skullz is just too cool. I love the realism in your approach – superb.

  4. Wudugast says:

    Cracking – and a really nice spin on the original models. Will be interesting to see how you tackle Stormcasts.

  5. Michael Dunnage says:

    Those are brilliant!

  6. Nice and gritty mate. I look forward to seeing the Stormcasts.

  7. Always loved the monochrome style of metal and greys for the orks. The red really stand out then. They look vicious mate.

  8. Craig says:

    How did you achieve the skin tone on the orks?

  9. Huib says:

    Have to admit wasn’t sure about these when they were unpainted but they are looking very awesome now. Are the Orruks really that small.? I thought they would at least rival the 40k nobs

  10. […] fact, I found my cards and dice for my orruk warband which I originally thought I`d […]

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