The future of Age of Munda?

With the arrival of a new edition of Necromunda, is there any future for AoM?

As the main author behind AoM I’ve thought a bit if I could (or should) retire AoM when rumours of Necromunda was starting to leak. After all it would be an updated game system released by GW themselves. Also with the trend of simplifying their rulesets with AoS, 40k, WHQ Silver Quest and so on you could assume that the same would apply to Necromunda.

Maybe more of you have been wondering about the same, but if not I still felt the need to adress the issue, hence this little article.

Okay, so with those uncertainties (or assumptions?) I held further progress and developement of AoM on ice until more information and for Necromunda to be released. Rumours are fine but facts are always better. It is in many ways as a former boss of mine told me once;

“I pay the Preacher to believe, I pay you to know”

No slant or disrespect against those who are religious but that comment though 😂

As we all know, Necromunda is here and I’ve got my own copy of the core game and Gang Wars I in my hands and I’ve skimmed the contents. Main conclusion;

Age of Munda will live on!

This obviously begs to answer the question of why. So since I’m in the quote mood today, lets revisit what my original stance on why I made AoM;

I’ve been into this hobby since the early nineties and I’ve played everything from 2nd ed 40k up until today, Necromunda and I own almost all the rulebooks I could ever need from those games as well as the Inquisitor book.

But, and there’s always a but is it not 😉

They’re all clunky and intricate. You can make it function but it will demand work putting it together and the same getting others to get into it. Though one ruleset that GW has hardly demands anything.

Is it perfect? No.

But what it does have is being very very easy to get to grips with.

I’m obviously talking about Age of Sigmar, the best rules GW has put out since Blood Bowl! Imho of course 😉

If Helge remembers from way back when we started discussing doing Nestorian Infestation together, I was talking about using AoS rules already then.

Will this be perfect? Hell no 😂

You can read the full article here.

So what I’m trying to communicate there is that to play “INQ28” based games (or stories as I like to see them), you need a system to facilitate that without taking away from the narrative.

Because INQ28 is all about the narrative.

Again, it is more playing a story rather than playing a game with the intention of winning against your opponent. INQ28 is creating and evolving a story where the miniatures are characters with motives (needs and wants), with strong and weak character traits. Where especially the latter is interesting. This obviously warrants that those involved are in it on the same page, otherwise it won’t be fun for anyone (but that’s kinda given).

«But why can’t this be done with the new Necromunda then?»

Well..obviously you can (and many will probably do so also) but I can’t see myself doing it when I host or run anything in the INQ28-verse. And it is not like I won’t play Necromunda (I will) but I see INQ and Necromunda as two separate things. They do share a lot of similarities but there’s a lot more nitty gritty rules for all eventualities in Necromunda while INQ games kinda leaves that stuff up for decision on the fly, based on the characters involved.

«Will the new Necromunda influence Age of Munda then?»

Yeah I kinda think so. Haven’t read the rules in detail yet so hard to say for certain, but as of now I assume it will.

«What’s next then for Age of Munda?»

Nestorian Infestation.

Stay tuned for that! It will most likely lead to a new edition of AoM as well. I plan on bringing ver 2 up to 2,5 or 3 if possible (most likely if time permitting).

«But what do you think?»

Do you care or are you indifferent to AoM and prefer official rulesets?

Have you read and/or used the AoM rules?

What would you like to see in a future update?


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7 thoughts on “The future of Age of Munda?

  1. Julian says:

    really liked the rule set you first introduced, I don’t often play but can see your ideas being very simple and easy to use. Also feel it could be merged to play single narrative campaigns?

  2. euansmith says:

    I like the clear plastic measuring stick from Nucromunda, with the way that it interacts with terrain to determine cover. I think it is a nice, simple and elegant solution to the problem. I’m glad to hear that you are pushing on with AoM.

    • Yeah that’s a great piece and me and Helge actually used that one earlier this week when we played the first round of Nestorian Infestation. It is simple and no-nonsense and I like that!

  3. euansmith says:

    I’m really interested on seeing what you do for AoM v3.0. I’m thinking or maybe half-inching the would dice. I also like the idea of using the width of the clear plastic ruler to determine cover effects.

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