Tales of Nestorian #1 «Investigation»

The first part between me and Helge in the Nestorian Infestation setting.

It has been a long time coming but we finally managed to arrange and kick off the Nestorian Infestation campaign!


  • We used a modified (ie simplified) version of Age of Munda for rules. I will write more about that in a few days. But in short;

– All characters has a 4+ base roll on everything.

– That roll would be modified where logical, f.ex a fighter with a big axe would hit on 4+ and wound on 3+. Another ex, my medicae servitor could only hit and wound on 5+, and so on.

  • I prepared an initial campaign tree to play from just to map out the potential events. Without going into nitty gritty details it is just to have an idea on the why’s, what’s and where’s. When we wrap up the first chapter I’ll post it.
  • Scenario specific rules;

– Fumes and smoke surround the area limiting visibility severely. This translated into a 6″ clear sight, 12″ max sight. This obviously limited the effect of shooting.

– No external comms when entering the area, meaning reinforcements cannot be called in (remember that my Inquisitor has a Deathwatch squad).

– We had a high number of NPCs, the two walking heads plus the spores. These would move and act at the end of each turn.

With that out of the way, and the fair warning that I can’t write for shit. Here’s;


Sector O-HR 31892

Preliminary investigation indicate that the central cylindrical building is the main source of the contamination.

Area analysis;

Industrial zone vacated. Some servitors still operate on default settings. Low threat level outside of the toxic fumes.

Objective is reaching the central building and shutting off the source.

Inquisitor Berrugoete of the Ordo Xenos with designated task force.

All members in full hazmat combat gear as a precaution. Leper Hansen the only one forfeiting such protection.

Servitors are acting weird. Per visual non-standard issues. Unclear on protocol, be advised and stay clear.

Poor visibility on the ground, nav units acting up. Luckily the task force have maps of the area and can orientate with those.

As if on a cue, a large group of workers moves silently towards the task force.

Not making themselves known either, just patiently staying out of visual reach. The largest one in the group swiftly climbs and hides behind the key building. As he came into position a signal urges the workers in motion again.

If unclear so far, the workers now let their intent be clear and open fire on the unsuspecting task force. Leper Hansen with a clear deathwish jumped in and absorbed the fire. However he once again showed his resilience and shrugged off the wounds.

A servitor clearly tampered with..

The combat specialists in the task force advance unafraid. If it is this that unnerves the workers or that they simply aren’t trained fighters is unknown, but their ambush fall short as they fail to wound the members of the Ordo.

However, even the trained and highly skilled task force members are taken aback at the sheer numbers facing them. As they see their opponents head on, without protective gear to ward from the toxic fumes they realize that their master, Berrugoete was right in coming here. This is a brood from the Genestealer cult!

With iron resolve they start dealing out justice to the heretics, inflicting massive casualities, yet the cultists just come at them!

Now the weight of numbers start to show and the task force have to deal with a series of injuries.

A spore floating ever closer, just out of sight. Random no more..?

As the workers spend their lives on the better trained and equipped task force the biggest threats are still not moving.

The task force is now fighting for their lives as two of their own are down. Leper Hansen uses his broken form as a literal meatshield.

Is the servitor a conduit for the hive?

The surroundings are observing, or rather stalking the task force.

And now the critical stage enters..

The medicae servitor tries to climb the rungs on the key building but is hindered by a cultist. Self-preservation protocols kick in and it takes out the threat.

As Berrugoete himself is forced to take action, the largest hybrid jumped down from his hiding place and attacks Berrugoete, which wounds him severely.

Dealing with the largest hybrid, Berrugoete who is mortally wounded realize that he must evacuate as his task force are down and more cultists are coming in..

As he curses his luck he vows to not come unprepared again..

First however..he must get out and survive to do such a thing..


So, how thrilling was that! A Genestealer cult exposed and a wounded task force must escape to tell the tale!

Very fitting and we’re off to a steep start for the Ordo Xenos. We even talked about how to deal with Berrugoete getting killed in the game as he is one of the two central characters but my dice rolls where really hot and he survived for real 😂

Please let me know what you think and stay tuned for the next game which will hopefully be in january I think.


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24 thoughts on “Tales of Nestorian #1 «Investigation»

  1. Wow! Great photos. The terrain is phenomenal

  2. alexanderlunde says:

    Nice read. It was exciting. And it was well written too, fun and fast.
    Wish I could play there with you guys!

  3. Thomas says:

    So cool! The photographs and the text really set the mood. And the terrain is awesome.

  4. Alex says:

    Excellent – looks like a great game, and wow – that table!!!

  5. Michael Dunnage says:

    Looks brilliant can’t wait for the next episode!

  6. heresyofus says:

    Brilliant mate! Really nice post, you’ve really set the mood with this campaign. All the effort and time has paid off and I’m glad we get to see the fruits of your labour. Bravo 🙂

  7. templeofthutmos says:

    Awesome seeing this come to fruition!

  8. heavyman927 says:

    Great read and what a table! Glad I found your blog. It goes really good with my morning coffee. 🙂

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  12. euansmith says:

    Your terrain really is droolworthy.

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