U walk…we WAAAGH!!! #1

Finally these can get dusted off again!

If you can’t remember these from before check out what I got second hand, why I did it and where it stands now as I have lot more than titan class minis in the army.

Fast forward to the release of Adeptus Titanicus , I only bought the rules set box.

Fantastic value btw, you get your moneys worth here!

Now I primarily plan on building a Legio from my bitz boxes for the challenge and fun of it. #risivortapt

While sorting bitz and planning that bit I dug out my epic orks, built two more stompas and a great (mega) Gargant. I’ll still build one more great.

I plan on using these as;

  • Stompas and Mekboy Gargant as questoris knights
  • Gargant as warhound
  • Great (mega) Gargant as reaver

In sum, light on quality (no warlord) but big on quantity!

As my fallen Legio will be tzeentch these won’t be Deathskullz, simply too much blue! However I’ll look at Adrian, Andy and Paul’s for further inspiration there, though pieces like this are really good as well.


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4 thoughts on “U walk…we WAAAGH!!! #1

  1. Faust says:

    Nice! Get those Orks on the table! 😀

  2. euansmith says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you build for Warlord Titans. I’m tempted to dig out my unused box of the original game and build the Titans using some bitz to sex them up.

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