Dark Alliance #1

Bit of a sideproject here as I paint a huge BB team for a friend!

The Greebo Dark Alliance team is basically the full complement of Elves so you can play it as either Dark Elves, High Elves, Pro Elves and Wood Elves but themed around the Dark Elf portion of it. Meaning the set is approx 38 models with staff.

Great miniatures tbh! These are not converted, just assembled stock and painted in my style;

Treman with markers.


Mascot. Probably my fav of the bunch!


That’s it for now. Linemen, blitzers, throwers, runners, witch elves and wardancers left to show for next week. Just need to do the finishing touches first!


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12 thoughts on “Dark Alliance #1

  1. Alex says:

    Theyโ€™re really nice minis mate, that treeman is particularly good, and all the better for you painting them ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Wudugast says:

    Those are great, the dark and grubby style really works well for Blood Bowl. I don’t recognise most of the models but I’m not that clued up on previous editions of BB, is it mostly older models or third-party stuff? The dinosaur mascot, the cheerleaders and the little halfling with the snacks are particularly nice.

    • Cheers mate!
      These are all part of a 3rd party called Greebo. This set is from a kickstarter where my buddy went all in and got all of the stuff related to it. Obviously IP is cutting it close but seeing as they are still selling I assume it has passed the control.
      Personally I prefer GWs new plastic BB sets but thatโ€™s mainly as I can mix it in with the other GW stuff with very little work. The quality in these models from greebo, sculpts etc are great mind.

  3. Pete S/ SP says:

    Those are great- really like the cheerleaders for some reason.



  4. Faust says:

    Nice! I have the GW Delf team, but need to get some assassins at some point. These look pretty nice. Also really nice that they have all the Elf teams covered, as I’m finding space gets more limited as time goes on!

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