2018. A Bigboss year in review.

Time sure flies by fast cause it is “that” time again!

A tad early to wrap up the year but I won’t have time to do more this year due to the holidays so better to take this now and start 2019 on a clean slate 🙂

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2018 has been a special year for me and the family as we moved south of the polar circle and that naturally took a lot of time and money as these things normally do. Still, I managed to do quite a lot despite that!

I thought we’d start with looking back at the #Hobbyresolution2018″ I outlined at the start of the year and see how I fared;

Goal 1: Amid the Murk

I set out to recreate the iconic Realm of Chaos artwork and I actually did it!

Sure it isnt a 100% rendition, it is my take on it and that was always my goal. Very fun project and I am quite proud of my little Nurgle collection as it stands per now.

Goal 2:Reducing Impulse Buys

You know what, I actually did! Not only reducing the amount bought, I even sold off all my old armies. So I got more back than what I used which is baffling to say the least! Almost impossible to replicate this but still fun to actually succeed as I never thought I could do it!

Goal 3: Nestorian Infestation

We had a ton of stuff going on this year!

It started off with my INQ flyer;

It sure has been through the ringer!

Then we did the #nestorianinfestedpopulation where we asked people to supply us with NPCs for our games.

The result was awesome so be sure to check it out ❤️

I also painted up a ton of stuff for my end of the cult;

And I have a few left to give a lick of paint;

Lastly me and Helge got some games in, which as always where among the highlights of the year!

Goal 4: Age of Munda

Well the hot streak had to end right..

I have all my notes and stuff ready but alas you will all have to wait for 2019 before 3.0 is out. Sorry for the delay!

Goal 5: WHQ Hammerhal

New streak on the go..nothing here neither but with blackstone Fortress out and still being a huge WHQ mark there will be a lot more WHQ in 2019 at least!

Goal 6: Continue contributing to the INQ community

Finally, the failure streak is broken! I still moderate and are active in the INQ social media groups and I even managed to contribute miniatures to the Legen event this summer.

Summed up, 4 out of 6 aint bad I’d say 🙂

But you know what, that’s not all I managed in 2018!

Blood Bowl

I finished up my Lion Cubs! Sadly that was the highlight with this team as their W-L ratio aint much to show off..but the games have been great with Sundays being gameday at the local pub. Very fun and social!

In addition I hosted the #bloodbowl28challenge which really produced some awesome miniatures with this one winning;

Great job Giuseppe!

Epic Orks

With the release of Adeptus Titanicus I warmed up by finishing up the titan- and knight class portion of my Epic 40k ork horde.

Very fun imo to do some orks again and I hope to play with them in Titanicus as a minimum but in my new gaming club there`s a guy with an Epic Eldar army so here`s hoping for some Armageddon too 🙂

Risi Vortapt

Speaking of Adeptus Titanicus..

Risi Vortapt is the second chapter in the Vortapt setting. Basically we are 4 friends getting one of the four chaos patreons by lottery and then theme our warbands around the given patreon. I got tzeentch 😀


Tzeentch is a big thing for me so with the release of the second season of Warhammer Underworld and with a tzeentch warband it was obvious that I’d buy and convert it in my style!

Fallen Inquisitor

As part of the Amid the Murk project I managed to make a fallen Inquisitor with his retinue. Very pleased with these even if they’re not made for anything particular (setting/event/etc).

White Dwarf

A childhood dream coming true when my warband for Tor Megiddo got featured in the Blanchitsu series in the august issue ❤️

It will be hard, if not impossible to top this in hobby terms.

Comics, books, gaming, TV-series

Last year I really started picking up reading books and comics again and it was great. I have kept that up as it is a super source for inspiration and just plain and simple fun 🙂

The big highlight here has been this though;

One thing is that the Nintendo Switch is a fantastic console in itself but this game is the first thing in 15+ years that’s had me gaming for more than 10 minutes straight! Imo one of the best games I`ve ever played!

What’s in store for 2019?

As normal I have a fair few things I want to work on next year, here’s what I can remember straight off the bat;

  • Risi Vortapt
    • I still need to finish off my maniple. It`ll be a minimum of 3 warhounds and I am undecided if I`ll add a warlord and/or knight classes to my warband.
    • The game is expected to be next year, but date and time is still undecided.
  • Nestorian Infestation
    • The next trilogy is in the planning stages. It`ll be a prequel to give a little teaser.
  • WHQ
    • Hammerhal will have to wait as Blackstone Fortress will be my main board game focus for 2019. You can expect the same level of conversions as on my Silver Tower set.
  • Blood Bowl
    • There will be at least one new season and a tournament hosted by my club so I`ll wrap up my new team in preparation for that as the Dwarfs are put on pause. They simply wheren`t my cup of tea.
  • Nightvault
    • This is also a game that`s run on a weekly basis here so it is a definite that I`ll build and paint more warbands with my little spin on it!
    • Fun fact, I found my cards and dice for my orruk warband which I originally thought I`d lost!
  • Collecting toys
    • Yeah I know, WTF is this right – lol!
    • But growing up in the 80s,throwing away all of my stuff in the mid 90s, starting to watch youtube vids and listen to pods with re-visited toys I know it`ll happen. Not that I`ll be a super serious collector but more getting hold of pieces that holds a nostalgic value for me both due to the stuff I loved as a kid and as I don`t really see the big difference between that type of collecting compared to what I already collect today.

As a wrap up for 2018 I just want to give a huge thank you to everyone that follows my incoherent postings here – you rock!



26 thoughts on “2018. A Bigboss year in review.

  1. An absolutely mind bogglingly great year my friend. I thoroughly enjoy your work. I’m in awe of it and inspired by it. Keep up the amazing work and I look forward to seeing more unique creations in 2019 🤘🏼

  2. caseyrog says:

    Great year in review! I’m really looking forward to more Risi Vortapt in 2019. I’ve been really tempted to get into AT (played a demo, thought it was lots of fun) but haven’t yet. My time has been split between Blood Bowl and Middle-earth SBG. Sadly seems like my BB league has ground to a halt as no one is getting their games in any more 😦 Maybe it’s time to turn some hobby attention elsewhere?

    • Thank you Casey! Haven’t even tried AT yet but will have a trial run during the holidays 🙂
      But is there any love for Nightvault or WHQ in your group? That is a good substitute.

      • caseyrog says:

        Shadespire seems to have died out locally. Although my friend who has AT also has Shadespire. Not sure of anyone playing WHQ though.

      • You could try running blackstone Fortress in your group. Warhammer underworld is also good fun and the best part is that you can play 2-3 games on a regular weekday which is pretty awesome imo 🙂

  3. Alex says:

    Great wrap-up mate – so many awesome projects & minis! Looking forward to next year already 🙂

  4. Thomas says:

    Thanks for taking the time to make this year in review post. You made some true amazing stuff. You’ve spoiled us.

  5. the28scribe says:

    I totally missed the Nestorian infested population post earlier, great to see it now! It is so fun to contribute to the 28 community with an actual miniature, seeing our collective imagination take physical form.

  6. euansmith says:

    What an amazing year you’ve had. You brought me, and, I assume, loads of other people, a lot of pleasure with all your hard work. It is great to see you getting that Blanchitisu photoshoot, and I like that you use BoLS to spread the word of Inq28 and AoS28.

    I’m really looking forward to AoM 3.0. I like the new logo, and want to see what further thoughts you’ve had on moving away from loads of complex rules, and closer to the narrative heart of the game.

    I hope you have a Merry Sigmarmas and an even more productive new year.

    • Cheers euan!
      It is always fun doing these things because even though my post count has been very low this year the quality is the best I’ve done yet. BoLS has been good to me and I’m just happy Larry still wants to post my stuff tbh 😅

      Thank you, and the same to you 😊

  7. Pete S/ SP says:

    That looks like it was a great year.



  8. Ross says:

    Awesome content, dude! All great stuff, but I must have missed that Eyes of the Nine warband the first time around – they’re brilliant! Very disturbing. Still in love with those Tyranid mutant-beasts too.

  9. Faust says:

    What do you mean mostly incoherent? I nearly understood half of what you said! Haha!

    Great year, man! No doubt filled with a lot of quality projects. I’m guessing you should give the Orcs a try for your next Blood Bowl season. Always fun, as they are open to all kinds of possibilities.

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  11. […] the previous “Bigboss Year in review..” 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and […]

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