Battle report. Playing with the green tide formation. Part 2

Got my third game with the green tide formation list this evening. I played the same list as last time.
1500 points, emperors will, dawn of war deployment.

Warboss (warlord), pk, cybork, armour, attack squig, da finkin lap
Weirdboy lev 2
2*10 shoota boyz, 2 big shootas, 2*tl shoota nobs w bosspoles.
Green tide formation.
Warboss, pk, cybork, armour, attack squigs, big bosspole
2*10 ard boyz, 2 rokkit launchas, 2 pk nobs
2*10 slugga boyz, 2 rokkit launchas, 2 pk nobs
6*10 slugga boyz, 6 rokkit launchas, 6 big choppa nobs

He had,
Melta knight (warlord)
Melta knight
Battle cannon knight
Space marines, ultramarines
Librarian, lev 1
Tactical squad, in drop pod
Storm talon.

I got -1 to reserves and +1 to seize as warlord traits, I forgot what he got.
Powers I got vortex of doom and another I forgot. He got a flamer primaris power.

I rolled highest for deployment, opting to go first but got seized on..


Turn 1
So not the worst turn. His shooting barely scratched me and he dropped the pod right in front of the tide. I charge and wipe it consolidating 5″.

Turn 2
His shooting hurts. A lot…then he charges with the warlord knight. I reduce him to one hull point but then he stomps me. 20 dead…in my turn I kill it. The blast hurts a lot too..

Turn 3
He almost takes out the shoota mob on my objective with the storm talon. Or I took out most of it on the mob rule but at least I did not run..
The weirdboy leaves the tide and targets the knight on the right side. The tide goes towards his objective where the scouts camp. I call the waagh.
In psychic phase I vortex of doomed the knight to smithereens 😀
In combat I curb stomp the scouts and consolidate onto the objective.

Turn 4.
The tide dies…and the shoota nob on my objective.
I go out of cover with my last mob, 10 shoota boyz and target the talon to deny the linebreaker and take my objective back. Shooting ineffective but I assault it as it only hovered. Rolled like a boss with my plain nob and take it out.

Turn 5
Last knight moves towards me, kills two forcing a test. I again take out one of my own but I don’t run. As I had gone to ground my turn went fast. I rolled for turn 6 and got a two. Bliss!

I win 5-1, with warlord, first blood and one objective. He got warlord.

Damn. This was one rough game! Triple knights is one thing but dawn of war deployment and no infiltrate as warlord trait. Well I was not optimistic..
It did go as I expected though. Take a ton of punishment and deliver it piecemeal in return. In that regard I’m very happy that I managed to haul off the win! Sanctic is a no brainer, hence go for weirdboy any day. Painboy nice but the weirdboy offers more buffs overall imo. Even in this game and I didn’t get the powers I wanted.

Okay, tired and got a cold & fever so I’m out.


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