Bully boyz formation. Making my own, part 4.

I’ve been dreading the arms actually but as I made them it wasn’t that bad tbh.

So I started with the powerklaw arms. I cut out strips of plasticard, 0,5cm wide and 1,5cm long. I want a gorilla look. The bit of sprue is just to make it simpler to glue together.


So assembled it’s like this, note the bits of sprues inside.


I cut of the hand and added a plasticard tube spacer before gluing it unto the front arm.


When that had set I found some suitable bitz from the nob sprues to make the powerklaw. Then I detailed it with hydraulics, more plates and rivets.


With that done, over to the TL shoota arm.


I use actual TL shootas for this. Cut away the rear bit and the hand that’s part of the mold. Here I also use tube spacers on the arms. So when the glue has set, detailing similar to the powerklaw arm.


Now while these dry it’s smart to prepare for gluing them unto the mini itself. I use tube spacers yet again otherwise you won’t be able to attach the arms since the irongob is so large.


Once everything has set. Arms and spacers it’s time to assemble it all. First arms, then cables.



Imma base, basecoat and then do salt & hairspray weathering and paint them like this.



Jobs a gud un! Now to complete the last 10..


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2 thoughts on “Bully boyz formation. Making my own, part 4.

  1. Ross says:

    Brother you are like a machine (as are your boyz)! Keep em coming dude!

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