Xenos henchman. Krootox rider #4

Man I’m really happy I started over again and rebased them – totally worth it!


I’ve owned the krootox for probably 5+ years and I’ve had various ideas for it though none of them where ever completed. A bit ironic but mostly fun that it’s now pretty close to the stock version after all.


Hard to explain why but I’m very excited about this miniature. Can’t wait to paint it!


Tried to add a lot of small details here and there. More interesting to look at and to paint.


Damn. This means I’m very close to completing the Merciless – yes I’ve got the two biggest left but still.



2 thoughts on “Xenos henchman. Krootox rider #4

  1. Adam Wier says:

    That is one fine looking model! It has come together beautifully through all the different transitions. I love the heavy stubber on the back of the Krootox and his bionic eye (his eye does look like it is positioned on an angle, maybe it should be pointing straight forward?).

    The bionic arm of the Kroot warrior looks great too. He and his might Krootox ally look to have been through many a battles together! 🙂

    You have so many posts I can’t even keep up with them all! I am impressed with your stamina and the quality of each creation.

    • Thank you – it sure has been fun working with it and seeing it grow into something really special 🙂 I’ve only had the same feeling with Peacock and Ilieth in the Merciless project.
      Yeah I understand it can be a bit overwhelming. Though I come from completing over 8k points – 3 full armies in 2014 so the contrast is something else entirely. I do enjoy being able to spend more time on each this time around.

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