Nephthys – Tech-priest assassin.


Been a fun trial of new colours and I did want to make something eye-catching despite that being a contradiction to being an assassin. Or is it?

In my view Nephthys is a covert agent for my Heretek. Infiltrating the higher echelon in a society as an exotic entertainment servitor. When she has the opportunity she will spring into action, her clothing ripping apart and exposing her true deadly form taking out her target and disappearing faster than anyone can react to.


I changed the plasma pistol to a slimmer version. It is in fact just as long as the previous one but not so bulky. I envision that the pistol and the sword is hidden in her spring loaded lower body when she is on covert mode.


On both the pistol and the sword I wanted a subtle, realistic osl glow. Nothing over the top as it didn’t fit.


Here you can see that only the one sleeve and parts of her dress is left in tatters on her. I imagine that as I’ve presented her she has been long on the run with a determined pursuant.


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2 thoughts on “Nephthys – Tech-priest assassin.

  1. Ruins of Arotha says:

    Cool conversion man 🙂

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